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ARE YOU READY TO STEP INTO THE ENERGIES OF AUGUST? It will prove to be the clearing ground for our next level of development, our new and improved version of reality.
No matter what stage of growth you are currently in, be prepared for a STRONG surge of energy that will propel you through the Lion’s Gate and on to your personal next best.
If you are ready you will have an opportunity to absorb more Light than ever before.
Don’t be shy. If you have been doing your work, you will be aware as the energy rises up behind you and LIFTS you into your new way of being.
It will seem very natural for some and down right shocking for others. Either way we are no longer being asked but rather forced to do our business or get off the pot.
I wish you clarity and common sense in the month ahead, we will need both in equal measure.
Many blessings, deb
Sound Therapeutics Healing with Sound, Sacred Geometry, Reiki and Intention since 96


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The Healing of the HEART

Most healing includes the Heart. Our heart is Command Central for the Energy of LOVE. This POWERHOUSE is an actual fortress for the ETERNAL FLAME. 

This Flame is your Electrical Spark of SPIRIT, from which your essence was generated. Your flame is tiny, maybe an eighth of an inch, but it is enough to keep you alive. 



As we move through life, we use this generative Spark, sometimes we use it SO much without REPLENISHING IT, that our spark goes out and our consciousness moves out of physical reality.

You may know folks that have forgotten how to ‘fan their own flame’, they may be heavy to be around as they unknowingly draw life force from YOU.  

The best piece of information that I can share with you is that YOU have a choice and can actively restore and regenerate your DIVINE SPARK. If we do not learn how to Plug back in to SOURCE we naturally look for Energy from Others and things become very sticky.



Think about the FLAME, YOUR Flame.  Begin visualizing it. It may be tiny but it is ALL   you will ever need if you use it correctly.  Here’s the image.  Imagine a GOLD TUBE OF FIRE. On either side of the gold flame are 2 more flames, one is ROSE, the other, Soft BLUE.  Think about the Medical Caduceus, noticing how the 2 currents of energy crisscross back and forth as they move up towards the wings. This is what is happening with our Rose and Blue flames, they are moving up our main Gold current.

As we move into the higher octaves, the Rose and Blue begin to merge, what is created is the Magnificent VIOLET FLAME.  Now we are Plugging IN !

Many Blessings    deb   Please feel free to reach out.  The ball’s in your court. : )






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Using MUSIC, Sacred Geometry, Reiki and Intention, at SOUND THERAPEUTICS we have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE a sort of “TRIP”. The most important difference being that it is not drug induced but the ACTIVATION of the LOVE Chemicals in your brain through the power of APPLIED SOUND or VIBRO-ACOUSTICS. And THINGS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER !!!    blessings be deb

……………………………………………………………………….. …………………Deb1998


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Don’t forget to come in for your SPRING TUNE UP
blessings deb 

   Sound Therapeutics  2016 Ocean St. Marshfield, MA


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GREEN………….let’s talk about the COLOR GREEN.
Begin by remembering that Green is a combination of Blue and Yellow.
Blue is Truth, Peace and Communication.
Yellow is Joy, Intellect and Power.
So, GREEN is a combination of these qualities.

Green is also the fulcrum of the color spectrum holding the center and BALANCE.
Green is a MASTER HEALING COLOR ( I believe all the PURE Rays are) but Green’s placement is KEY. The Green color bar on the body is at the HEART level, Including the shoulders, upper arms, chest, wing bones and diaphragm, and don’t forget the area of the Spine that runs through this part of the body as well as the Lungs. This is literally where we take in life.
There is a merge area of Aqua or Green/Blue as we move to the Throat. And there is an area of Spring Green, Green/Yellow as we move toward the Solar Plexus.
Raphael, the Great Arch Angel moves on the Green Ray, or IS the Green Ray and his name means GOD HEALS !
NOTES from

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I am prompted to write about RELATIONSHIPS. There are times in all of our lives when one or more of our primary relationships become strained. It is often due to DIFFERING COMMUNICATION STYLES, resulting in a break down of a real connection. 

How do we navigate such times? It is often the people we love the most that trigger or play out lessons for us that we ‘HAVE NO CONTROL OVER’. After we have done all the usual, like fussing, yelling or trying to control an other’s behavior, we come to a point of realization. This is a powerful time of AWARENESS and still we ask , ‘HOW DO WE PROCEED?’.

MEDITATION is as follows:

SIT, Think, ‘in front, behind, left and right, above, below, CENTER’. 

IMAGINE that you rise up and BECOME one with your HIGHER-SELF. ( you will find this easy with a little practice )

Plug IN

When we are plugged in to our higher selves we are able to use all of our power.

SEE the other person in front of you, LOOK over their head to address their Higher-Self.

STATE clearly and simply YOUR TRUTH. We are not complaining here, nor are we placing blame. You may want to give this a little thought before you begin, allowing you to be clear and to the point. 

ASK that your message be delivered to the personality involved. ( at this point you may see symbols or images or ‘get a sense of the energies’ that are influencing the situation. Take note that it is often FEAR and Misunderstanding that create unloving behavior patterns. )


BE GRATEFUL. Thank the other person and their Higher-Self for being present for you and FEEL yourself DISCONNECTING from them. KNOW that the outcome will be for everyone’s highest and best.

Thank your own Higher-Self and YOURSELF for taking the time and FOCUS to SHARE ENERGY and Information in this way.

FEEL yourself coming back down into your physical body. 

BREATHE deeply 3 times and end by EXHALING Sharply.

TRUST that you have intervened in the most NON-Intrusive way and yet you can expect to see a shift shortly. 

PS  We are not looking for a change in the other person or even their behavior, for that matter. What you can be sure of is that the SHIFT has already begun WITHIN YOU and THAT is the ONLY thing you will ever have ANY control over.

Many Blessings,   deb       

Heart Mandala

Come home to your heart.

If you are in the process of working with your BELIEFS and how they CREATE your world, I invite you to come in for a session at Sound Therapeutics.

The first half hour of your 90 min session is spent discussing the things you want to CHANGE in your life. The next 60 minutes is spent on the Sound Table actually changing them by adjusting the FREQUENCIES in your energy field through the use of Sound, Sacred Geometry and Reiki.


Thanks for reading and sharing,  deb


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The DODECA allows for ALL Possibilities !!!


The DODECA allows for ALL Possibilities !!!

The Dodecahedron is one of the 5 platonic solids that make up the basis of Sacred Geometry. Our Dodeca is a 6′ copper Sacred Geometric form that holds the life sustaining frequency of 5th dimensional space.The dodecahedron corresponds to the element of ETHER, in Chinese it is called CHI or LIFE FORCE, in the Indian Sanskrit it is PRANA.

The Dodeca is a SPHERE OF PENTAGONS. The Pentagon has 5 points corresponding to the head, 2 arms and 2 legs of Man. Think of the 5 pointed star or the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci.
There are 12 pentagons that correspond to the 12 Meridians in the body, the 12 Tribes and the 12 astrological signs.
When the 12 pentagons come together to form a SPHERE it creates a WOMB like experience. Within this space, you REMEMBER who you are. As the subtle energies of DIVINE ALIGNMENT work on your energy field your entire body, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual start to work in harmony and creates what we call Laminar Flow .
The Dodecahedron is also the shape that ratchets through your DNA. Through the macro/micro model, we have access to RESTORATION of our personal DNA when working with this powerhouse of the Platonic Solids.
The FREQUENCY of ALL possibilities amplifies your connection to your own INNER GUIDANCE, Angels and Ancestors and takes your INTENTION and POWER of Manifestation to a whole new level.
Come in and experience this amazing WOMB of Sound at Sound Therapeutics in Marshfield, MA.
Many blessings deb

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