Other People’s Pain and Suffering

Today is my personal healing day.  ………..exhaling loudly  

Deb Barrett's artwork, theblessingchair.com
Send Love, original image by Deb Barrett 1995

After leaving the table, I am aware of carrying other people’s pain and suffering. As if I haven’t had enough of my own. Not a good plan. Not a plan at all, just something that happens when you are a compassionate, willing student of the Light.

I could see a pyramid, it’s capstone ablaze with VIOLET FLAMES. A quick glimpse of my own heart flame and a giant X. I sense I have arrived at my destination and become clear about my INTENTION.

Today, I will ALLOW others to have their lot in life. Perpetually, I will keep my eye on the LIGHT and Dwell within it consciously.

Being Hu-man can be a painful experience. When we focus more on our ‘lot in life’ as opposed to the INFINITE POSSIBILITIES that surround us, we forget where we end and another begins. 

This is a moment of deep Correction. As I become aware of wanting to make it right in my eyes, I FORGET that maybe this is EXACTLY as it is meant to be in Gods’s eyes. My struggling to make it ‘right’ only serves to kick up more and more dust and more and more PAIN. 

If I am here to help, I must be willing to stand next to those who are in discomfort and remind them of their safe place to fall, within. Reminding myself as well, of the opportunities that Free Will provides. 

The BLAZE of Love is a literal LIGHT within. Look for it.

many blessings  deb  theblessingchair.com