Meditation 1 2 3 +

Do YOU Meditate ?  Easy, fun, try this.

When we are plugged in to our higher selves we are able to use all of our power.
When we are plugged in to our higher selves we are able to use all of our power.




I am often asked, ‘what is the best way to meditate?’  I have not taken any formal meditation classes so I will share with you my version. Do know that there are many ways to “get there” but the destination is always the same, a peaceful, open quiet mind, a relaxed body and a deep connection to your own inner knowing.

This is the 1 2 3 + method created by me, Deb Barrett, while being a student of energy for the past 26 years. Please read through to the bottom and then reread as you try it.

There are 3 things we need to be aware of to access a meditative state:  our physical body, our mental state and our Spiritual connection.  I’ll let you know about the + at the end.

Open you mind at Sound Therapeutics in Duxbury, Ma.
Open you mind at Sound Therapeutics in Marshfield, MA.
  1. The BODY:  Briefly, your spine is your antenna so you want it to be straight and vertical connecting you to both the Earth and the Heavens. Check your form. Sit comfortably with feet flat on the floor at shoulders width, feel your chest rise up as if your heart were being lifted and see that your lower back is against the chair. Feel supported, think of your ‘tail’ flipping up and out behind you as you sit. Notice that your tailbone and 2 knees have created a triangle. This is your anchor to the Earth. Relax and get settled. Your breath is your vehicle when meditating. Place your right hand over your chest, your left hand on your belly. Breath in so that you feel your chest rise. Exhale slowly. Breath again and feel your belly expand. Exhale slowly. Sense the difference in these two different ways of breathing. When meditating we want to breathe from the belly, rhythmically, slow and deep.
  2. The MIND:  The imagination is very important here. We are going to use your powerful mind to imagine support, nurturing and peace. The body always follows the mind so it is important to be aware of where your thoughts go. We want to be filled with stillness, as when we stop thinking and just BE.  This is usually where people get hung up.  The mind is like an untamed animal, we need to repeatedly bring it back to a quiet state.  To do this I use visualizations. First, imagine that there is a large ball of white light, over your head. Now think of your spine/antenna as extending out the top of your head with a plug on the end, now just plug it into this glowing light. Similarly, your tailbone and feet forming the triangle is a wide and stable triangular extension cord that you will imagine drops down, way, way down, into the center of the Earth. You can imagine a beautiful crystal there that you can plug into or tie onto. Sense the vertical column you have created. YOU are the Being that connects Heaven and Earth. Now, bring your attention to your forehead, specifically the inside of your forehead. With your eyes shut, look up toward your hairline or a little below. Breathe and breathe again. Have no expectations, just BE with yourself. Things are about to get very much better. 

    Transformation through Color and Sacred Geometry
    Use Sacred Geometry to rearrange your energy field.
  3. SPIRITual Connection:  Some may not consider meditation a Spiritual activity but there is so much to be gained when we have the intention of connecting to the highest aspects of ourselves. My intention is that I will surrender to my own highest and best. I do this through my personal relationship with my Inner-Self. Some may call it God, intuition or their higher power. It’s a safe connection to this higher aspect of yourself. What you call it, really doesn’t matter. To gain access to this amazing piece of yourself takes practice.  Just as lifting weights in a gym will develop your muscles, meditation is a form of strengthening your ability to ‘Plug In’ at will.

These are the 1 2 3 basics.  I know, now you’re asking, ‘but what do I DO ?’ Well, there is no ‘doing’ in meditation. There is Being;  Being with yourself, Being with your breath, Being with your life force. If you did not breathe, wouldn’t your body breathe for you? This is the energy that keeps you alive. This is the energy that you are becoming more aware of as you ‘Intend’ on meditating.


After you have got the basic line up you can add the + step which is circulating your energy. This is when we use our breath to focus and move our energy and repeat, repeat, repeat. For this exercise we will be breathing in as the energy ascends, comes up from the ground and breathing out as the energy descends from the Heavens. Think about it.

This is how you do it.  Sit consciously as described, plug in above, plug in below. Bring your attention to your heart. Energy needs to flow to put us in touch with our best possible self. Think of an apple. Imagine that you are sitting in the core of the apple. The apple represents the shape of your electro-magnetic field, just like the electro-magnetic field of the Sun, our heart has an electro-magnetic field of it’s own. Interestingly the field of your heart far exceeds the field of your brain.

Now, in your minds eye, imagine you leave your heart and travel down your column of light to the center of the Earth.  Here you hang out a moment and sense the life giving energy that is here. When you are ready, imagine that the energy begins to move up, up, up from the center of the Earth into the bottoms of your feet and your tailbone. It continues up your spine, eventually coming out the top of your head much like a fountain. Run the energy mentally, down over the outside of the apple shape, bringing it back up through your column and again out your head. Imagine this circular flow is 3 dimensional. Run this current repeatedly until you get the feel of it. ( With practice you will only need to do 3 or 4 rounds to feel the effects. )

Remember your bubble of energy, your aura. By Deb Barrett
Breathe into your energy field, fortify your bubble of light.

Now, return to your heart and move up through the top of your head, up and into the White Light bubble. Hang out here a moment, feel the love and just like a waterfall, imagine that the energy rushes down into the top of your head, straight down to the ground / exhaling and comes up the sides of  your apple / inhaling and back down your center. Run this current until you can feel it, see it, it’s alive, it’s you activating your higher senses, balancing and integrating your energy field.

The shape we have created energetically is called a Torus. We have created 2 currents of energy traveling in opposite directions, balancing our Divine nature with our Earthly bodies.  Continue breathing and ‘RUNNING your energy’ until you are comfortable with the process. When you feel complete, come back to your heart and imagine that you tie the two currents together in a bow, Celtic knot or any other image that works for you. You have just connected and activated your Light Body. Congratulations ! Now you are ready to pose your query and access your creative potential by allowing the Creator to work through you. BE STILL and KNOW.

Hope you tried this out.  Please let me know your progress.  Practice, practice.  Keep the door open. blessings  deb

Deb Barrett

Sound Therapeutics