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Cracking Consciousness OPEN

Using MUSIC, Sacred Geometry, Reiki and Intention, at SOUND THERAPEUTICS we have the opportunity to EXPERIENCE a sort of “TRIP”. The most important difference being that it is not drug induced but the ACTIVATION of the LOVE Chemicals in your brain through the power of APPLIED SOUND or VIBRO-ACOUSTICS. And THINGS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER !!!    blessings be deb

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I AM MAGNIFICENT The Deck of I AM by Deb Barrett
I AM MAGNIFICENT from The Deck of I AM


Merkaba Lightbody Activation Image, Higher-Self Engaged

Have you ever felt betrayed ? What was your response ? Anywhere from rage and fury to deep despondency and loss ? There may also be a bit of RETALIATORY energy mixed in, as if SOMEONE ELSE was actually doing it TO YOU. It sure feels this way.
Let’s consider a simple solution to such INTENSE AND VOLATILE EMOTIONS. Our world is in dire need of a NEW PERSPECTIVE. Some may know it as the PARADIGM SHIFT.
IN A NUT SHELL: The life you are living is a direct projection of your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. As such we have no other option than to CORRECT what is being projected,
if we truly are willing to create PEACE, HARMONY, BALANCE AND ABUNDANCE in our physical ‘playing field’.
DO gather yourself. Bring ALL of your attention into THIS NOW moment. BREATHE Deeply and again. Now, look at the SACREDLY ALIGNED image. Follow each facet of the drawing with your mind. IMAGINE you are ABSORBING it’s harmony and balance receiving it’s center and grounding. With great GRATITUDE bring these frequencies within yourself. Now close your eyes and imagine that you are radiating, yes, just like the SUN, shining out Life and Beauty in your thoughts, feelings and form.
Each of us has to take RESPONSIBILITY for our own well-being, our own JOY IN EXISTENCE. As a result, even though we have been betrayed we are now ready to ACKNOWLEDGE that it was only ourselves who brought these pains to pass. Each event helping us to grow and learn our own power from within.
We currently have the opportunity to see ourselves as we truly are. As AUTONOMOUS BEINGS OF LIGHT, Sanctioned to shine through all of the pain and chaos in the world.
I hope you are READY !!! Take on the challenge. Use your power and your focus to regenerate and rejuvenate our world.
Many blessings to you and yours. BE PEACE deb
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Deb Barrett is a Vibro-Acoustic Healer. Read More at Sound Therapeutics, Marshfield, MA.
Image Credits, I AM Magnificent, from The Deck of I AM by Deb Barrett.
Merkaba Lightbody Activation image, Higher-Self Engaged

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ART Gallery


I love to draw from Spirit. It is one of my personal meditations. This GALLERY is for your personal enjoyment.

The images can be used as OPEN EYE MEDITATIONS if you desire.  Deb Barrett / ViewSpirit/ hold all copyrights. Please share fully intact images.  Many blessings, Enjoy, deb








Heart Mandala


THANK YOU for visiting our ART Gallery,  I would love to hear your feedback.

Please VOTE for your personal favorite.

Did you try using it as an OPEN EYE MEDITATION ?

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Blessing Chair Visions

Hi             Hope you have been well.  Lots changing again and as always.   I thought I was going to give you a peak into my latest project but LIFE is happening around me, as I am sure it is you.

I have a deep connections to trees.  I think many of us do.  They stand so straight and tall so proud and undaunted by what nature throws at them.  But today an icon in my world is saying good bye.  Alice’s white willow has stood for maybe 75 years a massive arched shape in the sky.  We will miss her.

Both sides of our property have been opened up now.  We lost our Weeping Willow in a freak wind in early December.  More sky.  Lots more sky.

Well of course…. and the analogy would be,  Understand there‘s something else to view.  from the song “French Blue”