Do you Deserve to have MONEY ?

Of all the little jingles, mantras and ruminations that you can run in your head, your MONEY BELIEF RUTS may be the most troublesome and truly have the power to HOLD YOU BACK. 

At this energetic juncture, we are RELEASING REPETITIVE PATTERNS  that have followed us through GENERATIONS.  We are clearing from seven generations back and for 7 generations to come. It is powerful, deep work that can only be done by each individual.

If we are to be OPEN to RECEIVE ABUNDANTLY FROM THE UNIVERSE, we first need to BELIEVE that we are DESERVING.  Let’s begin by becoming aware of our thoughts around DESERVING, in this case Money. Were you taught that you deserve to have lots of money or that money is ENERGY ?


LISTEN WELL to your inner talk.  DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE WORTHY AND DESERVING OF  WHAT YOU WANT, of what you are asking for ?  

Are you kind and supportive to yourself, like a loving Mother or close caring friend?

Time to change that RADIO STATION !!! if you are to succeed.  Things are not going to get easier, things are going to get increasingly challenging if you do not TAKE UP THE HELM OF YOUR OWN MIND.  

If I say ” I ALWAYS HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH” …….where do you feel it in your body? How about, “THERE’S ALWAYS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM” ?

Lots to work on here for sure, so lets commit to THINKING IN A NEW WAY. Just because we can. We have FREE WILL after all.  Here we will use it to help ourselves out of the OLD Money Belief Ruts.

As you take up the cause to RECTIFY YOUR BELIEFS, you can take them from the power to create degenerative pain and suffering to an explosion of FLOW in your life. It is all up to you. 


Where Attention Goes, Energy FLOWS.

“Train your thoughts well, for they are what you will become.”   deb barrett


I always have more than enough to provide for my deepest desires as well as my chosen responsibilities.

I deeply love and completely accept myself.

I AM one with the Divine Source that created me.

I rest in the arms of my Creator, knowing ALL is well, despite as it may appear.

I AM OPENING MORE everyday to the abundant flow of  life supporting energy from the Universe. 

I Believe in ME.

I NOW Command the Powers that BE to support me in releasing all resistance to receiving abundant Support, Cash, Ease, Grace and Love in my life.

With Gratitude, it is so.

blessings be my friends, we are on a new page. I hope you have been minding your lessons. The REFLECTION does not lie.   enjoy the ride, deb