6 Ways to Raise your Vibration

There are many, many ways to raise your vibration. I will suggest a few here, please use them or add them to what you already to to keep yourself buoyant in a sea of seeming negativity.

First off, the world is in the Eye of the Beholder, meaning, it is YOU who will always have the power to uplift or tear down yourself.


Light a CANDLE, as you do, ask for what you want. Sit for 90 seconds or longer if you like and stare at the flame. Feel yourself Melting into the light. Say Thank You and blow out the candle. Remember that as you exhale, you breathe out DOUBT.

Take a WALK, even if it is freezing out, you can walk around your home or office. Take 90 seconds to see what you don’t normally see. Become aware of details. No judgement here, only OBSERVATION. Return to what you were doing.

Hum. Humming is very, very good for you. As you hum, the vibration activates your body from the inside out. As your bones vibrate, they become stronger. Imagine that you throw the sound to the back of your throat and down your spine. Delightful, and you can do this ALL the time if you like.


Drink Sacred Water. Not just any water. Choose a beautiful vessel, one that makes you FEEL something when you hold it. Fill it with water. Think of an Intention, Word, Energy that you would like to absorb into your reality. Wrap your hands around the vessel, say your Intent, out loud, in your head :) 3 times. Feel the Vibrational Energy of your Words travel from your Throat, down your arms, through your hands and into the water. Drink deeply of Self Love and Approval. Repeat as desired.

Make Faces in the Mirror. Believe it or not, our face holds lots of tension. The ‘mask’ has got to go. Let yourself be silly, make a few crazy, weird faces at yourself. FEEL the energy that comes back at you from the mirror. Try on different emotions. NOTICE when you smile and are silly, your energy got straight UP.  Another benefit, is that your face gets some exercise, the cells are oxygenated and you look rather refreshed. Tell the mirror “I love you” and go about your day.        


Jump UP and DOWN. Our brain’s JOY patterns are activated by motion, especially up and down motion. If you don’t have a mini trampoline, rebounder, you can always skip. Think of your energy field as being ‘shaken and mixed’ as if you were salad dressing. When issues settle in, we feel heavy and uncomfortable. Shake a shake will help considerably.

Many Blessings  deb

Oh, and don’t actually plug yourself in, the image is a metaphor.  SPIRIT is Electrical.


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