More Colors

  • Purple     Royal, priestly, strong physical presence, loving kindness, oneness, God, devotion, compassion, healing abilities.
  • Magenta     Spiritual devotion, angel bridge, passion, peaceful action, powerful compassion, spirituality materialized.
  • Rose     Love, joy, happiness, unselfish self-love, kindness, emotional cleansing and healing, universal love and compassion.
  • Peach     Peach blossom luck, goodwill to all, between the pink of love and the yellow of wisdom.
  • Turquoise     Communicates love, often a spiritual teacher, trustworthy, helpful, peaceful, a healer, between the blue of heaven and the green of growth.
  • Yellow/Orange     Thoughtfulness, consideration, strong intgellect, active mind, self-control, socially inclined.
  • Red/Orange     Very social, outgoing, great strength, may be mixed with much pride and energy.
  • Silver     Feminine energy, intuition, reflective energy of the sun (God’s light), justice, purity.
  • Gold     Divine love and wisdom, flame of the living Son/Sun, masculine, God’s love and approval, high ideals, enhancement.
  • Black     Unsensed qualities, contractive, deep, still, unmanifested spiritual gifts, the sea of potentiality, the great void.  If you use Black as a color remember whatever you see/feel here is what you bring with you. Love all of it.
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