Waiting for GOD

Our path has lead us to some unsavory times. We as humans have overdrive of the Left Brain. We favor all that is linear, all that we can scientifically articulate and prove. This perspective and propensity for requiring proof has lead us to our current dilemma. HOW DO WE FIX OUR WORLD?

The idea of GOD has been around, obviously, forever but my sense is that in our current age, we have a misconception of just exactly what or where God is?   

It is my intention in this moment to remind you that as a cell in the body of God, YOU ARE ACTUALLY AN ASPECT OF THE CREATOR. This being said, we can begin to see that the potential of the Supreme Creator is embedded within us. Not only in our miraculous bodies but in our ABILITY TO USE OUR MINDS TO BRING THROUGH THE MIRACLES THAT WE DESIRE.

Example:  I am in crisis. I don’t know where to turn. My heart is racing and I am terrified. What will the test results be? How will I ever go on without this person in my life?  How will I provide for my family?  Pain and suffering, fear and doubt bring havoc to the body as our mind spirals out of control in the grips of fear.

SO, WHERE IS GOD IN ALL OF THIS? Assuming here that you have some name or no-name way of identifying your HIGHEST ASPECT OF DIVINITY.

I have only found ONE way to truly comprehend the QUALITIES IT TAKES TO HEAL ONESELF and thus be able to HEAL THE WHOLE.  Accessing this seeming magical piece of ourselves LIES IN OUR ABILITY TO STEP OUT OF OUR PERSONAL REALITY and into a ‘higher octave of vibration’ where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH “NON-RESISTANCE”.    

Living life AS your Higher Self

Believe it or not it is us who make ourselves weak and consequently vulnerable to low vibrational energies. The sticky quality of emotional drama requires us to be extra vigilant.  This can become a slippery slope, and is one we must choose to avoid Consciously, as not to experience its perils. 

TRUTH: When we COMMAND the powers that BE with Singular focus and unwavering belief, the outcome can be non other that the highest expression of LIGHT, YOUR LIGHT ! as an aspect of the Source, the Creator, Generative Energies that LIFE is. 

Now we see that GOD is accessible. And that Waiting for God is none other than TAKING THE TIME AND INTENTION TO LISTEN and respond to this level of reality.  Working with this highest aspect of yourself is what brings the qualities of God forward into our physical plane.

At Sound Therapeutics, I WILL ASK YOU TO OPERATE FROM THIS GOD SELF and in some cases your life may depend on it. It is time to give your precious Ego a safe place to sit and be respectful of the highest possible outcome for yourself and indeed humanity.  HEAL YOURSELF AND YOU HEAL THE WORLD !

Do you sense the arrival of your most lit from within self? Your most enlightened self? It is arriving as we speak. Feel that heart explosion!

Without fear we are poised to RISE. As we TRUST, SURRENDER and ALLOW our DIVINE Creator goes before us and clears the way. All is well when we BELIEVE IT TO BE SO. 

Master this concept and the Earth becomes a place where you RADIATE LIGHT, your love pours out into your environment as a beacon for others to remember their Light.  As we, each and everyone, remember our ability to effect positive change in our current reality. BE A LIGHT BULB, NOT A SPONGE. :)

YOUR MIND HOLDS THE KEY. As if focusing a giant LASER BEAM, point your intention towards ALLOWING the highest and best to be presented.

No doubt, No fear, only TRUST, Self love and acceptance. As you proceed from a place of PEACE, deep inner Peace.

All rights reserved, Deb Barrett theblessingchair.com