Eye on the LIGHT

“keep your eye on the LIGHT, ask to see it when you fall asleep at night, it will come for you, I love you “

We are all a part of the LIVING LIGHT.

Exercise: Imagine a point of light in your mind’s eye. Imagine that it gets bigger and bigger with each breathe you take. Sense yourself holding this giant ball of light in your arms. Warm and bright, you could almost fall into it. Remember, we are observing this Light so take a moment to place it on the floor in front of you.

In your mind’s eye, stamp your feet on the ground and turn yourself around so that you are looking in the opposite direction, with the ball of Light at your back. What do you see? What you see is NO LIGHT, you may even notice your own shadow. 

Use this mandala to amplify your inner light.
Awareness of the Light Within

So you want to invite the LIGHT in, do you? Let’s begin.

Now that you have read the basic idea let’s make it part of your personal bedtime ritual.

Before you fall asleep at night do some kind of mind game, Solitaire, Tic Tack Toe, Sudoku, word puzzles. Not with friends, with yourself.  Make it a habit, all it takes is 5 minutes or so. What this does is shift the gears in your brain from everyday fears, doubts and reactions, to things we can not change, to a more ordered inner aspect with concrete answers.

.1.  As you get into your bed, “your light body transport machine”, you may want to roll your spine down slowly from a sitting position. Your spine is your Antenna and it is helpful to imagine it nice and smooth with no kinks or goo. Gently lay your head on your pillow. Sense yourself opening to receive, softening and opening. Take on an ALLOWING stance. 

.2.  Now it gets good. Begin by breathing 3 deep, clearing belly breathes. Mentally place a point of LIGHT 3 feet out from your 3rd eye and at about a 45 degree angle up from your head. 

.3.  Imagine as you breathe normally you see your point of light beginning to increase in size bigger, brighter, closer with each breathe. Don’t hurry. Allow it to become very close till you can put your arms around it. This may be very enjoyable.

I can hear you. ‘It’s not working, how many breathes should I take, why isn’t anything happening?”  So, if this is you, I will remind you that all that we do in and WITH SPIRIT is based on repetition. We are required to repeat the process many times depending on how attached to our old beliefs we are.

My personal experience with the LIVING LIGHT is that I do not perceive it readily by staring straight at it. After I had preformed this exercise many times, my INNER GUIDANCE would take over. Like an auto suggestion, the Light would come to me as I was falling asleep. I would ASK AND RECEIVE. My perception was a peripheral one because the moment I would gaze on the actual LIGHT I would be ‘gone’ meaning I would remember nothing else until morning.  

I’m sure everyone’s experience will be uniquely their own, yet we are all Human and we are all Spirit, so similar we are as well.

Many blessings to you on your journey into your own LIVING LIGHT ESSENCE. Remember this is an aspect of YOU. This is you as the Wholeness you were intended to be. Enjoy your experience.  deb

If you are interested in working with me at Sound Therapeutics I would love that. Please reach out. Your Spiritual growth is always up to you. 


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