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The Healing of the HEART

Most healing includes the Heart. Our heart is Command Central for the Energy of LOVE. This POWERHOUSE is an actual fortress for the ETERNAL FLAME. 

This Flame is your Electrical Spark of SPIRIT, from which your essence was generated. Your flame is tiny, maybe an eighth of an inch, but it is enough to keep you alive. 



As we move through life, we use this generative Spark, sometimes we use it SO much without REPLENISHING IT, that our spark goes out and our consciousness moves out of physical reality.

You may know folks that have forgotten how to ‘fan their own flame’, they may be heavy to be around as they unknowingly draw life force from YOU.  

The best piece of information that I can share with you is that YOU have a choice and can actively restore and regenerate your DIVINE SPARK. If we do not learn how to Plug back in to SOURCE we naturally look for Energy from Others and things become very sticky.



Think about the FLAME, YOUR Flame.  Begin visualizing it. It may be tiny but it is ALL   you will ever need if you use it correctly.  Here’s the image.  Imagine a GOLD TUBE OF FIRE. On either side of the gold flame are 2 more flames, one is ROSE, the other, Soft BLUE.  Think about the Medical Caduceus, noticing how the 2 currents of energy crisscross back and forth as they move up towards the wings. This is what is happening with our Rose and Blue flames, they are moving up our main Gold current.

As we move into the higher octaves, the Rose and Blue begin to merge, what is created is the Magnificent VIOLET FLAME.  Now we are Plugging IN !

Many Blessings    deb   Please feel free to reach out.  The ball’s in your court. : )