You may know that I enjoy putting up ‘one liners’ on Facebook. Each morning Spirit hijacks my mind and starts downloading profound, fundamental thought.

I hope you enjoy them and receive something to ponder. Many blessings  deb


Jan 15, 2018

Stop thrashing around. Trust that the Universe is conspiring to HELP you. Rest, the way is made clear.

Powerful day today, my personal healing day 1/11/2018


Now that we have called forth the MONEY GUIDES, with something green & something gold, meditate on RECEIVING.

Join me in calling in the Money Guides.

Did you know, that loving, accepting and honoring YOURSELF is step #1 for healing and health?

Working with Spirit, repetition is key.
Can you hear me now?

We are a REFLECTION of our BELIEFS. Does the ‘having plenty of extra money’ belief, fit into your reality? 

Imagine THAT !  You actually came with a DIVINE TEMPLATE.  Press Default Setting.

Soften your heart even more, carry a big stick and overcome attachments.

Do your research and let it Brew. Then you’ll know just what to do !

Clearing is messy but necessary, rise above the pain, SURRENDER 
to your Healer Within.

go AROUND the bolder you see in the middle of your path, fluidity is KEY

Allowing others to be who they are, creates FREEDOM for you !

ACCEPTANCE of what IS, is necessary for us to take the NEXT STEP

a cloak of light upon your shoulders, your power reinstated, know when to use it and the color it eminates.

Mind your own business, focus on yourself, accept it, all of it.

2018, a year to fulfill your dream, cast away your doubt or live the result.

When we look for love outside of ourselves, we create suffering through unfulfilled expectations.

a sweet farwell to the role we are leaving as we welcome in the NEW dodeca = ALL Posibilities.

Pink for Self Love and for when YOU Become your own Mother.

to force the germination of the seed, it enters darkness. But without light it know not which way to grow.

90 seconds before you arise, look your Creator in the eye. Remember NOW is all we have, Let SPIRIT drive.

2018 we are asked to dis-robe, de-armor and become CHRISTALINE. Whatever you do that brings you there, DO THAT.

a GREAT FOUNDATION is under your feet, stan on it. Consciously choose to BE ONE WITH the Divine Creator Within.

Keep your BIG Idea SECRET for a while more, let it build in ENERGY and INTENT.  Happy New Year 2018.

over the river and through the woods to GRANDMOTHER’S house we go.

I have a FIRE in my heart all about forgiveness, forgiveness of SELF.

Never let your EGO get the better of your life. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE

If I could give you one thing, it would be FAITH !!!

I believe in Perpetual Prayer or being CONTINUALLY in communication with your Highest Aspect.

We may ask, what do you want in 2018?… more importantly HOW do you FEEL?

I AM a BLUE, I found my way out of Darkness by embracing RED. Open up, say, ‘teach me’ !!!

BE with me in Silence, Be with me in Peace. If you come in closer you will hear your reflection in the pond.

There will be an accerlerated boost coming soon, sit down, ground yourself, be aware.  12/28/2017

Today is a good day to do some INNER work, begin by making a list of what you LIKE about yourself.

there will be a time when we will not be able to get those pharmaceuticals, time to know how to heal yourself.

Feeling very BLESSED to be here at this juncture “in time”. We are afforded a moment of Purity and Clarity as we ascend beyoing our expectations. Some things can not even be imagined… yet they exist! and they exist to bring Harmony to the CORE.  12/20/2017

Each of us is experiencing a ‘BUMP UP”. It matters not wher e you have been, your next assignment is here.  OPEN.

That’s the secret to survival, never go to war…especially with yourself.

2018 knocks at our door, A year of allowing and striving no more. Dreams realized from the Core.

The HEART does call your name, the song is yours alone, sing it clear, sing it true, sing it as you do.

If I am swimming alone in the sea, at night… how do I know where I am going ?


In the midst of a tremendous OPENING, is anyone else sensing this ?Spectatcular, very different !

I am SO amazed by the Timing of Spirit, I have stopped wondering, questioning and especially, doubting.

Fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, resentment. Time for an Upgrade.

What are you afraid of? Surrender it, choose love instead. Trust, Trust, TRUST.

the singing birds are gone, the snow’s arrived, the crows gather on the baron tree tops.

What does it mean, to have an unhackable mind?

IF you are asking for a MIRACLE, you must SEE IT AS DONE. Your doubt cancels your request. Dec. 14, 2017

Time will tell, so set your INTENTION now. Everything wants yur attention, it is valuable, use it wisely.

Feeling the ground moving energetically under my feet. A giant figure 8 between Ground Crew and Divine Aspects.  12/12/2017