Color is an important part of any wholeness experience.

Colors are each at a specific frequency.  When we want to activate or enhance specific frequencies in our body/energy bubble, one of the easiest way is to use color.

Here is a list of basic colors and the attributes that resonate with each.  When you want to embody one of these attributes just add the specific color to your actual or Virtual Blessing Chair experience.

  • Red     Active, beginnings, human love, capacity to cope, no limits, energized, strong will and courage, restored.
  • Orange    Creativity,  life force, prana, strength, energy, cooperation, good natured, out going, brings about change, transmutational energy.
  • Yellow   Clarity, knowingness, vitality, self-control, true enlightenment, awakening, intellectualized spiritual ray.
  • Green    Harmony, perfect balance, brotherly love, the healing ray, renewal, practical, between gold/wisdom and blue/heaven.
  • Blue    Communication, the plane of true miracles, truthfulness, loyalty, reliability, peacefulness, tranquility, self-mastery.
  • Indigo    Gateway to higher consciousness, knowingness, great power, practical, responsible, present, relaxes fixed ideas, the Holy Spirit.
  • Violet    Grace, Connection, faith, purification, higher choices, advanced inner knowing, intuition stimulated.


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