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Seasoned Light Worker, Deb Barrett, uses Reiki and the DreamWeaver, a Sound & Sacred Geometry table, to realign your Heart, Mind and Body with your intention for well-being. Deb is a Spiritual Mentor drawing on 20 years of understanding Energy. She offers Energy Education based on Sacred Geometry and your ability to change your mind thus change your feelings, your body and your life. Sit and chat about where you are and where you would like to be. Then spend time on the sound table being bathed in a womb of beautiful music whose sound vibrations you can feel from speakers beneath and above you. Deb picks the perfect music each and every time to bring you to your personal next level. The science behind healing with sound is becoming more understood. Sound can realign molecular structure. The perfect harmony between your inner and outer world is accessed. Your body relaxes, your mind clears and your Spirit soars. You will leave your session feeling renewed and restored.

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