YOU are NOT your Story

As tempting as it may seem, it is NOT to your advantage to identify yourself With or ‘AS’ your Story.
Please take a moment to read the following. Many blessings deb 
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I shared a post on Facebook that said,
‘YOUR PAST IS JUST A STORY and when you realize this, it will no longer have power over you.’
Well, HOW do you do that ? was the resounding question.  Just HOW do you not see yourself AS your story and let it go?
The basic answer is to stop identifying with the story line, as in don’t take anything personally.  I realize that this is not an easy task but worth the shift in perspective.
Then we hear the voice in defense of the STORY being WHO we are.
“But this is MY story and it has made me who I am, I created it after all ! “
At this point we need to get to the meat of the matter. Every person’s story is different. Everyone picks certain pieces of their story that ‘stick out’ to them and base their reaction to life on that aspect of the story.
My story, for over 30 years was that too many people in my life, my family members, had died and kept on dying and I reacted by living in a river of grief.  I have to say, it is a very heavy place. Then my best friend died and 20 years later my other best friend died of the same thing on almost the same day.  I could go on. Oh, the STORY can really get a hold of us.
So, first things first, I realized I needed to calm down. I calmed down through sewing, artwork and eventually meditation, allowed me an opportunity to HEAR my inner voice.
At this point, I am still my story in my head.  Then, through meditation, I get introduced to the idea that “I” is my EGO and this “I” has a Higher Self, an inner compass if you will.
As I split out into these aspects of myself it becomes abundantly clear that my STORY is an EGO fabrication.
As I grow in Spiritual and Emotional maturity, I realize that the story belongs to the Ego alone. With this realization I am SET FREE in the knowing that my Higher Self, my
command central, guides me no matter what the story is and that I can be influenced as
much or as little as I choose WHEN I begin to identify as my Higher Self.
This is a deep process of taking your POWER back. Please remember that this did not get created over night and that you can OWN your story without suffering under it.
Don’t forget to forgive yourself for all this pain and suffering and forgive everyone else’s role in it as well. 
You will feel lighter as your true nature is revealed and you remember that you are an autonomous being of light having an physical experience.  An experience filled with many lessons.
Ask first ” what is the lesson?”  When you have the answer you will no longer have the attachment to your Ego based story line.
Life now becomes more about focusing on how you DO want to feel and on deeply loving and completely accepting yourself.
There is no other way.
The energy sits just above your head, call it in and LISTEN carefully.
blessings, it’s not an overnight trick.
Plug IN
When we are plugged in to our higher selves we are able to use all of our power.

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