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Direct the Flow

We are about to be “bumped up” energetically with tomorrow’s eclipse.  The cup metaphor has shown up recently, as in, cup your hands and HOLD your energy, your golden light.  Let it accumulate, fill up.  As you hold your energy, it strengthens.

Now is the time to direct this love/light energy to add to the upliftment of our collective reality.  We are being effected by a huge alignment now and it will usher in a greater feeling of UNITY.  We are ONE with ALL.

Join me as we consciously collect and direct the flow of Divine Love.

from the Golden Bubble


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New Mantra Test Run: I AM SO LUCKY

Everyday for 30 days I repeat, I AM SO LUCKY, over and over again.  This becomes my new MANTRA.

Each time I remember to say, I AM SO LUCKY !   I think of a reason that I AM LUCKY.  Some of my favorites are: I have a home.  I have the perfect pillow to sleep on, a nice warm bed, a beautiful family and on and on.  I AM lucky to feel loved, to see the greater picture, to be OK with what is, to have others to help me.

Each day, every time, every hour of every day for 30 days I will conduct this personal test.

My hypothesis is that the more I AGREE WITH MYSELF THAT I AM SOOOOO LUCKY,  the more lucky I will be.  

Now luck is a funny thing.  Some people describe it as an unseen energy that just happens to crash into you.  I do suppose that is one definition of luck.  I prefer to think of it as a VIBRATION.  The frequency of which is the lucky frequency, different for everyone I’m sure but create-able.

I would like to invite you to do this experiment with me.  If you see notable changes in how you feel, in how things work out for you or in ways that others treat you TAKE NOTE !  I would be honored if you would share your highlights so that others can pick up the frequency.

Now go create some PERSONAL LUCK.  Your new Mantra is, I AM SO LUCKY !!!

Try it on, can’t hurt.

Thank you dear Bathroom Angels.  It must be the water :-)

Today is 11/4/2012  we just got back from P-Town and the very cool bike ride and breakwater crossing, wonderful dinner and exciting nights.

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Happy Halloween

Our Puzzle Cat, on the fence but poised for action.
Sandy’s gone, the moon is full, magic is in the air.
So take your broom, brush away the past, make your way clear.

Our future depends on our ability, individually and as a whole, to clear, clear and clear some more so that we can receive our gifts.

Happy Halloween to us all, including those in Spirit and those who have not come yet.  We are ONE.

This is our Puzzle Cat, on the fence both relaxed and poised for actions.  Reminds me of the energy of success.

Thank you for the safe place in the storm and light and strength to those who are in the midst of clearing and cleaning up.  May everything be recreated in a Divine manner, with ease and grace.

the lights are on for you


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Personal Perception

Send Love by Deb Barrett / Blessing Chair

We see what we want to see, what we allow ourselves to include in our personal version of reality.

I am a bit disappointed that not everyone will allow themselves the love of creating a ‘problem solved” kind of reality.  Such is free will.  

The image above is called SEND LOVE because it is the most powerful thing we can do.

Standing in a line waiting your turn?   Send Love.   Sitting in traffic?  Send Love. Trying to fall asleep at night?  Send Love.  On a long flight?  Send Love.

You get the idea.  Why waste time with disruptive thoughts, worries or complications.  There are only answers and the answer is Love.

Don’t forget to send it to yourself FIRST though.  Remember the people on the airplane.  Breathe first then help others to breathe as well.

Sending Love to you on this beautiful summery day in New England, may our wings finally open to their full girth and magnificence.


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The Heart as an Organ of Perception

“The heart is … a nonlinear, self-balancing system. It possesses self-organization and emergent behaviors. It functions not only as a powerful endocrine gland, but also as a unique kind of brain — a cognitive and perceptual organ, and a powerful electromagnetic generator and receiver.”                Stephen Harrod Buhner    

from    The Heart as an Organ of Perception

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Angel Encounters

I woke last night at 1:30 am.  Called to create in the middle of the night.

Angel Encounter, Spiritual Art by Deb Barrett
We met on the roof top.

I was wide awake but not thinking.  It was more of a simple awareness.  By 3:30 lights out again and this morning I look back on what was created.  I share this with you as a reminder that we are not alone, never have been.  For all of our fears have only been to motivate us to find our inner magnificence, our unearthly selves.