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Personal Perception

Send Love by Deb Barrett / Blessing Chair

We see what we want to see, what we allow ourselves to include in our personal version of reality.

I am a bit disappointed that not everyone will allow themselves the love of creating a ‘problem solved” kind of reality.  Such is free will.  

The image above is called SEND LOVE because it is the most powerful thing we can do.

Standing in a line waiting your turn?   Send Love.   Sitting in traffic?  Send Love. Trying to fall asleep at night?  Send Love.  On a long flight?  Send Love.

You get the idea.  Why waste time with disruptive thoughts, worries or complications.  There are only answers and the answer is Love.

Don’t forget to send it to yourself FIRST though.  Remember the people on the airplane.  Breathe first then help others to breathe as well.

Sending Love to you on this beautiful summery day in New England, may our wings finally open to their full girth and magnificence.


2 thoughts on “Personal Perception

  1. WOW!! Beautiful Thank you. It’s so simple makes sense and yet we forget, sometimes how powerful we are. thank you. We can make a difference. Your beautiful art and the thoughts behind them help everyone to remember and perceive “problems solved” the more you share you and your perceptions the better for all of us. You Being You to All is your best gift. LOVE YOU !!

  2. Thanks, Deb! Sending you lots of Love😃

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