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Medicinal Mandalas for your Pleasure

Click the LINK below for a GALLERY of Medicinal Mandalas by Deb Barrett
Click the Link below for Gallery of MEDICINAL MANDALAS by Deb Barrett


Look for FREE 30 second meditations in description box for each Mandala

enjoy, deb 

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Merkaba Light Body Extraordinaire


Your light body is truly extraordinary!  You may or may not be aware of your essential self, your higher vibrational self.   Regardless of your level of awareness of this lofty aspect of yourself, it is being fully activated right now with the giant star tetrahedron or 6 pointed star being created by the planets in the sky.  YOU are in the center.  Take the time to sense  your place in the universe and how important your contribution of love and light really is to the whole.

Peace Be

from within my magenta aura


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Free Light Language 101 Tutorial

Transformation through Color and Sacred Geometry
Use Sacred Geometry to rearrange your energy field.

There seems to be a renewed interest in Light Language.  Check out our Free tutorial at .

This system uses color and Sacred Geometry and offers easy transformation of your energy field with a simple 7 day plan.

The pages are written by Benedick Howard the creator of the DreamWeaver. My link at the bottom of the page was created in 1998 when I was the co-moderator for the Light Language forum.  The link is old and goes to my previous site which has now been turned into a search engine.  Who knew?  Not to worry, ViewSpirit was dissolved to make way for The Blessing Chair.

Would love to hear your feedback if you decide to try on any of the shapes and colors.   Enjoy your journey.