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Blessing Chair Visions

Hi             Hope you have been well.  Lots changing again and as always.   I thought I was going to give you a peak into my latest project but LIFE is happening around me, as I am sure it is you.

I have a deep connections to trees.  I think many of us do.  They stand so straight and tall so proud and undaunted by what nature throws at them.  But today an icon in my world is saying good bye.  Alice’s white willow has stood for maybe 75 years a massive arched shape in the sky.  We will miss her.

Both sides of our property have been opened up now.  We lost our Weeping Willow in a freak wind in early December.  More sky.  Lots more sky.

Well of course…. and the analogy would be,  Understand there‘s something else to view.  from the song “French Blue”