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I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you

Ho’oponopono and taking 100% responsibility.

I went all the way to Kauai, HI and back to find a wonderful concept called Ho’oponopono.   It has become one of my favorite mental practices.

Originally Ho’oponopono was used by Hawaiian elders to “set straight” or ‘make right” the personal dynamics within a family.  The elder would call the extended family together to clear negativity, grudges and bad feelings from the family group.  The process of forgiveness, love and acceptance were used through 3 statements:  I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you.

I wish this was taught to parents before they had children.  A lot of pain and suffering could be avoided with this understanding.

My favorite piece of Ho’oponopono is the 100% part.  Here the individual takes full, 100% responsibility for all that he/she sees in their world.  Most people will reject this idea at first because we relate to the world as outside of ourselves or as happening to us.

In reality we are the projectors of all that we see and experience in our world. When we take our power back and see the world as a reflection of our beliefs and expectations, conscious and otherwise, we realize that we are the ones that need to clear, forgive and send love to all that we see.  In doing this we open ourselves to the Divine and allow our unconscious beliefs and patterns to be cleared.  When this happens the things that we perceive as bad, wrong and upsetting begin to find resolution on their own.

It is always that we are asked to look within to find the source of what we perceive as negative.  Our mind cannot undo and set straight our unconscious beliefs but we can work with our own Divinity to erase all that predisposes us to the drama of the Earth plane.

So, when you see injustice, pain and suffering and you find yourself unable to see how such things can be ‘set straight’, begin by going within and asking your personal Divine presence to clear your subconscious that you may project only love and clarity into the world.  By doing this intimate work with ourselves on a regular basis we begin to align ourselves with the Divine and see a healed and light filled world around us.

Try it next time you get yourself into a snit about what’s not right in your world. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.


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Note to My Friends


I’ve been working on this new website.  I thought you might find it fun.  It’s called the Blessing Chair.
It’s going to have lots of free meditations and ideas on creating wholeness for ourselves.  The primary idea is a Blessing Chair, a place to make your intention your reality.  A ‘materialization space’ if you will.  I have created one for myself in the physical and you can too but there is also an explanation of a Virtual Blessing Chair.
This site is primarily to share what I know and to fill up my creative release bucket.  All the buckets in my life are pretty full, since we have been back from lovely Kauai, except for this one.  Spirit, as always, encourages me to share.
love you
PS  feel free to share this with everyone if you think it is something they might be able to use, let’s meet 2012 with a flourish of love

Deb Barrett
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Virtual Blessing Chair

the blessing chair

Well, here’s a great idea.

Let’s create a beautiful Blessing Chair for ourselves.  Yes, I have created mine as a physical thing but you can create one for yourself that can take you anywhere to experience all that you believe is possible.

Find a quiet place.  Again this can be physical or imagined.

Gather some pillows to comfortably support yourself. One under the knees is good and one under the head or base of the skull.  Whatever feels ‘right’  for you.  What we are going for is a relaxed, supported neutral feeling.  A recliner works well. Take your time with this, when you are physically comfortable you should feel like you are floating.

Place an eye pillow over your eyes or imagine that you are in complete darkness, a quiet, neutral, supportive space.

You can play beautiful music to support the feeling.  Choose music without words, music that is bi-neural is especially good.  Bi-neural music stimulates both sides of the brain creating elevated consciousness, very cool stuff.

As you close your eyes begin by imagining a large black board and a large eraser. We all have persistent thoughts, now is the time to take your eraser and with large sweeping stokes, erase the chatter from your mental board.

When you are satisfied that your visual board is clear, invite in the reality that holds your chosen desire.  It can be anything.  It can be something you want to see come to pass in the physical.  It can be blessings for yourself personally or it can be blessings for global ideas.  Whatever it is, just know that you are the artist, the creator and just like painting with actual paint you are creating a landscape that holds your vision.

Some may think that this is quite abstract but as we expand into the possible, we become the designer of the dream.  I imagine myself picking up the brush.

Whatever your dream may be, it can be experienced as a NOW event.

Take this into consideration before you choose your coarse.  As always, enjoy the ride.


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“Come, come, whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshipper, lover of living, it doesn’t matter
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come even if you have broken your vow a thousand times,
Come, yet again, come, come. ”  -Rumi
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Your Well-Being is in Your Hands

Forgive   Surrender   Expand   Delight   Know
In the hands of God we ride the wind
from East to West the light extends.
From North to South we find our way
to shine our light another day.
As we find our place in the sun within
wholeness restores, we begin again.
Forgiveness and surrender expand our light
Remembering wholeness with great delight.
The struggles of life have fertilized our path
There is no time, no way to go back.
Take a ride on the Blessing Chair, if you dare.
Remember your power, become more aware.
Enjoy the ride.
Deb Barrett   Sept. 24, 2011