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Note to My Friends


I’ve been working on this new website.  I thought you might find it fun.  It’s called the Blessing Chair.
It’s going to have lots of free meditations and ideas on creating wholeness for ourselves.  The primary idea is a Blessing Chair, a place to make your intention your reality.  A ‘materialization space’ if you will.  I have created one for myself in the physical and you can too but there is also an explanation of a Virtual Blessing Chair.
This site is primarily to share what I know and to fill up my creative release bucket.  All the buckets in my life are pretty full, since we have been back from lovely Kauai, except for this one.  Spirit, as always, encourages me to share.
love you
PS  feel free to share this with everyone if you think it is something they might be able to use, let’s meet 2012 with a flourish of love

Deb Barrett
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