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The Answer Is In Your Heart

I am in give away mode today.  Within the sorting I came across this piece that I wrote in 2002, just after 9-11.  The ideas are still so pertinent, so real and raw.  It is still time to come home to your heart.

Come home to your heart.
Come home to your heart.  by Deb Barrett


Where are we when we are not in our hearts?  Are we opening doorways to new possibilities or running from the darkness that we have failed to understand?  Where are we when we are alone?  Are we lost to the reality of love or are we terrified of our own creations?

Have we forgotten the light of life?  The wisdom of truth that compassion is key.  Compassion for self, compassion for those around us, and yes, compassion for those who know no other recourse than to cause pain and suffering to others.

We are upon the doorstep of UNITY.  Remembering our losses and trials serves to reinforce our commitment to love and light.  What were we arguing about? What are we fighting against?  Could it be our own darkness that we are unwilling to see?

Within our own beingness is the only answer we will ever need.  The only answer that can catapult us forward as a unified consciousness in love, as one great solution to all that we perceive as troublesome, confusing and painful.

Take this moment to remember when you felt completely accepted, completely loved.  Sit within this glowing space, this sanctuary only exist within you.  Please visit often. 

Remember that without the intense demonstration of what we do not want, we would be slow to articulate what  it is that we do desire. From deep within, now comes the solutions to our separation, that other worldly knowing, that all is perfect as it is, for we are evolving right on schedule.  Blessings for us all stream in from the greater reality.  Open and receive what is yours for the asking.  Open your hearts and be love in this moment.

We can only change what is in our own lives.  I now take responsibility for creating peace consistently in my own heart.  I now take responsibility for bringing peace and harmony to all of my relationships.  I now take personal responsibility for imagining, feeling and creating a unified planetary consciousness.  Please join me.

In love and light




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  1. thank you for this, deb

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