The Blessing Room is a HEALING ENVIRONMENT, much like our SOUND THERAPEUTICS STUDIO, it offers a tranquil space to reflect and absorb a NEW, HIGHLY CHARGED, POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE !   

Our original intention for adding the Blessing Room to Sound Therapeutics/theblessingchair, was to teach small groups, sharing  meditation and metaphysical concepts. The pandemic experience has altered this original purpose.  Now, we are redirected to provide a ‘SAFE HAVEN’, a QUIET TIME, an opportunity for anyone who would benefit from sitting quietly in Spirit, surrounded by the POWERFUL INTENTION OF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE.


So, I invite you to come visit.  It will be your time.  You will have 33 minutes to sit quietly, absorb the energy, chat with Deb, listen to some special music or enjoy the beauty of our Blessing Beads, Healing Stones and other gifts, all with our original Spirit Inspired ARTwork, and of course, we will choose cards from The Deck of I AM.  I encourage you to sense the energy here. May the GIFT BE PEACE.   Many Blessings  deb     

WHEN:  your personal appointment time

WHERE:  The Blessing Room at The Cranberry Building, 2016 Ocean St, Marshfield, Ma. 02050  Suite 1, first floor, front entrance.

TIME:  We will spend 33 minutes together.

ENERGY EXCHANGE:  This offering is by DONATION. We appreciate your support and hope you feel more PEACEFUL when you leave. Our hearts are open and it is time to join in supporting each other in whatever we do best. What I do best is to hold space for beautiful souls to heal. I choose to share this with you. Come in and RELAX and enjoy the GIFT OF PEACE.  deb

PLEASE fill out our Covid questionnaire before coming in. CLICK HERE FOR COVID SURVEY

NO food or drink is allowed in the office except for water. Please remember to wear your mask.  blessings  deb