Living life AS your Higher Self

When we are plugged in to our higher selves we are able to use all of our power.

I have been so blessed to work with so many beautiful people over the years. When we went on our adventure to Kauai in 2008, I asked some of my clients to write testimonials so I could start my practice in Hawaii.  This is what they wrote.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for supporting me in my quest to plug-in as many people as possible to their own Divine potential.

Working with Deb Barrett was a very new and different kind of therapy for me. She interviewed me extensively and combined what she heard with her ears and what she heard with her heart, to craft an individualized experience for me. Her strong intuition enabled her to make musical choices in our sessions that cause me to dive deep both emotionally and intellectually. The result was always enlightening on multiple levels.  Witchazel D.

Deb is a grace-filled channel of strength and light!  She guided me to experience some exceptional visions and openings on the path to one-ness.  I gained so much from working with her and offer overflowing love and gratitude.  Terry G.

I have experienced the healing benefits of the DreamWeaver for many years.  It has changed my life.  Having Deb as a facilitator makes you feel able to achieve all your goals.  I feel more relaxed, confident and healthy.  The intention you set along with the music played helped me release my fears and worries that were held in my body making me emotionally and physically well.  I’ve been able to deal with the stresses of everyday life with more ease.  I can’t imagine my life without these sessions.  Thank you Deb for being with me on my journey to move forward.  Ellen G.

Deb Barrett is a gifted healer who provides a powerful healing using her DreamWeaver. I was blessed to have met her at the beginning of my spiritual journey and I know that my sessions in the DreamWeaver with Deb allowed me to claim my true self.  Cathy D.

Deb is a warm, caring spiritual person who facilitates our sessions by discussing what was occurring in my life and what I would like to attract, heal or let go of. Through our many sessions together, I have grown spiritually in many ways. I’ve enjoyed my experience with Deb so much that I decided to purchase my own DreamWeaver to continue to expand my awareness.

The DreamWeaver provides a magical healing experience where my guides work together with Deb to achieve my goal for the session. I would always feel healed, rested, and inspired to move forward with focus.

I was physically and mentally exhausted.  We decided to focus on bringing peace, healing and rejuvenation into my life. The music that Deb chose was perfect.  Deb began the session with Reiki, I could feel my feet tingling as various muscles twitched in my legs. Then, I felt as if both hands were being held and someone had plugged me into an electrical outlet.  I could feel this charge moving through my whole body.  I felt as if my whole body was being re-charged.  Stephanie S.

Ahh….. The DreamWeaver…..  One of my passions, on and off, for over ten years.  My facilitator, Deb Barrett is the most experienced and wonderful facilitator South of Boston !  You state your intention together and climb aboard… On the DreamWeaver’s sound table, you both hear and feel the music. Deb does her part and boy do you journey to new spiritual heights each and every time.  Every session with Deb has been so much fun, positive, enlightening and powerful healing experience.  You have to experience this ‘cosmic womb’ for yourself !  Have fun  :)  Donna H.

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