Sound Therapeutics

   Sound Immersion

What will my session be like?

A deeply relaxing experience in which you FEEL the music and the power of the dodecahedron. The dodeca is a sacred geometric form that allows for all possibilities.  It relates to mana, prana or the ethers, in essence the energy that keeps us alive. This particular one has lovingly been created in a sacred space from copper which relates to the physical body.  I have always said ‘It is like putting a plant to the sun’, you naturally absorb life force.

Sessions are 90 min to 2 hours and are facilitated with the utmost respect for where you are and where you would like to be. The sessions are private and confidential   The effects of this amplified experience with your own inner guidance unravel over several days even weeks after your session.

I look forward to working with you in sacred space.   Happy

love to you    deb  

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  2. Lovely Deb, wish I was closer to you, we have much to share :) Blessings, Ariaa

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