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Sometimes we have to consciously block out the outer world in order to enter into the place of our personal  inner wisdom and wholeness.    This ‘cave’ of silent knowing always exists, yet, without our intentional focus upon it, we do not find our answer.

In every bubble in this photograph we see the reflection of the photographer, the viewer of life, mirrored in each and every reflection.   Notice how each reflection is slightly distorted and uniquely itself yet is still the reflection of the observer.  

Think of all the reflections we have in our lives.  Each a mirror of ourselves seen though many, many perspectives.  

Be still the mind and open to your heart’s knowing.  Enjoy your memories of the past, joyfully anticipate your future creations and most importantly keep your focus on the NOW.

Simply, quietly, BE NOW.

The present is full of what we bring to it.   So, plug into your inner light and dial up super bright.  The world needs your love and acceptance, your calm strength and trust.

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PS the photo was taken by Jim O’Connell, my honey and photographer extraordinaire !