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Hello Friends, 

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Thanks for following my site, , and checking out all my Energy Work, Blessing Beads, Spirit Inspired Art and Classes.

If you would like to join us on FaceBook come on over to, and, and our private group is, just ask to join :)

Many blessings to you and yours
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All About Energy

Stand within this Sacred Geometric shape and see how you feel.
Stand within this Sacred Geometric shape and see how you feel.

All About Energy is a group I’ve created on Facebook.  It’s a  group for all of my wonderful clients who have experienced a session with me at Sound Therapeutics on the DreamWeaver sound table and any one who is interested in healing with sound, Reiki and sacred geometry.  Other concepts include the paradigm shift, personal empowerment, meditation, group energy dynamic sessions and light language.

Please come by and add your name to the list.  Or, just check it out and learn some new quick energy tools to help you feel grounded, focused and ready to flow into 2014.



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Thank YOU

W.QuanYinHi Everyone,

just wanted to say thank you for Liking my FaceBook page  We only need 100 likes to get the Specials rolling !   If you haven’t Liked it yet, come on by and see what you think, and thank you for being there.

much love and many lights to you on this first day of FALL.

the image is of me and one of my favorite mentors, Quan Yin, at Nawiliwili Harbor, Kauai, Hi.