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There are a few words that I have ELIMINATED from my vocabulary, TRY is one of them. Our FEELINGS  behind each word we speak, IS what is important here.

When we speak with words that we have incorporated into our reality through cultural channels, using phrases that denote concepts that are not in alignment with the NEW Self / Higher-Self model, then THEY NEED TO GO.


TRY…………why Try ?  If you are trying, you are always one step behind ACTUALLY DOING or HAVING ‘IT”. When we change our LANGUAGE we give our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND new parameters to work within.  Now I say I AM …………fill in the blank here. It can be anything. Today, for me, my WORD is ALLOWING.  I AM ALLOWING lets my LOGICAL BRAIN take a fresh look at life and opportunity. 

So today, try NOT TRYNG !  HA ha, it may be challenging to take the word out of your mind completely, but at least, notice when you DO say it and most importantly, how you FEEL while you are saying it.  

Blessings BE,  

today is a good day to do a LITTLE and FEEL A LOT.   deb

You can find my little Deck of I AM here,   enjoy

Deck of I AM / Bring your Intention into the NOW!