The Deck of I AM

Deck of I AM / Bring your Intention into the NOW!

Get in touch with your PERSONAL POWER,  be INSPIRED every day !

What people are saying about the Deck of I AM

I use these cards …  in my workshops on women’s empowerment and everyone just loves them.   Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful tool for healing and inspiration! ” Cathleen O’Connor

‘I can’t believe how accurate this deck is.  Everytime I choose a card it exactly mirrors my situation and what I need to embody.’  E.S.

‘I think this deck is possessed, in a good way!  I can’t believe I keep picking the same card over and over.’  E.G.

‘Migrating birds have landed in the trees around my house. Like me they are in transition. I enjoy sifting through the Deck of I AM choosing one or two cards that catch my attention. I place them where I can see them peripherally through the day. The words and images are gentle reminders of life’s potential. ‘  T.L.         

Remember………….only YOU can empower YOU!

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