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Happy Friday the 13th

Dodeca Healing


Take the time to read each of the statements embedded in this Dodecahedron. Each is specific to you.  Each can put a new spin on your perspective.  Because today is Friday the 13th, I thought to share some strength and to remind you that nothing is left to chance.  We create it all, the good, the bad and the ugly, also the beautiful, serene and supportive.  The choice is always ours.  Now go out into the world, fortified with your own knowing and be ready to answer the call of your Soul and not fall into the old ‘myths’ you have been fed.  It may be the 13th but remember 13 is the number of completion, and in this case the completion of the end of what was.

Opening, Opening, Opening…………..

with much love from within the light of higher dimensional reality, please join me


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  1. Lovely :)

  2. Love this, Deb! Thanks!


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