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Small Groups forming at Sound Therapeutics


Hello everyone,  

I have been inspired to do some small groups at Sound Therapeutics.  Please check out our offerings and e-mail me if you are interested in attending.  

See you soon.




Positalk is a word that Spirit gave me to describe this hour of positive thinking. The idea is to put a positive spin on whatever seems to be bothering you, in your way or just plain disturbing.  We all have the ability to see things from a new perspective.  With a little practice, you will be spinning even the most negative things in your life into a positive learning experience.   Now we can get the lesson quickly and move on.   Please be punctual, this is a quick hour.

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Mandala Coloring    

We will be coloring mandalas,  beautiful graphic symbols often used for meditation.   No artistic ability is required and all materials will be supplied.   This is an especially great experience for those who don’t meditate easily but would like to feel the peace and relaxation that comes with a meditative practice.  You will be writing your intention on the back of  your mandala to take with you into your personal space.  Added bonus =  Once created your mandala will continue to radiate the energy of your personal intention.

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Absent Healing Circle

Come sit in a healing circle and send love and light to yourself, a loved one or the world.   Please bring a small stuffed animal, a teddy bear works well and so does a monkey.  Your little animal will act as a proxy for sending  love and healing light to the desired target.  No previous energy work knowledge is required.  You will learn how to use absent healing as a go-to tool for relieving suffering in your world. Please join us.  

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Music as Medicine 

Looking for 4 women to experience mutual healing.   This is an intentionally small group.  We will be working with your individual intention for well-being. Each participant will experience time on the DreamWeaver Vibro-Acoustic sound table while the other participants take a spot on all sides of the table offering hands on healing.   Reiki training is helpful but not necessary as our intention will be magnified by the dodecahedron, the music and the ‘Angels of Light and Guidance’ that have supported my healing practice since 1995.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, get together a few friends or come and meet some new partners in healing.

E-mail me at           The best is yet to come.

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