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Sliding Consciousness


I am wondering if anyone else is having this experience.  I have only had it happen 3 times but it is so interesting that I thought I would write about it.

Twice, on different occasions, while doing energy work on a client within the DreamWeaver I have experience a slipping sensation.  As I put my hands on the client I felt as though I was slipping or sliding forward by about 4 inches.

Then yesterday as I was walking it happened again.  As I was about to put my foot on the ground, I experienced my whole body moving, sliding forward.  In the concrete world my foot came down on to the Earth as it should, nothing out of the ordinary, but within my form I felt the slip of consciousness that is quite new to me.

I know there is a lot going on energetically now and I also know that some of us are more aware than others.  So, if you have experienced anything like this, I would love to hear about it.

with love and light from the blessing chair


ps    the image above is called the ‘Antakarana Within’, it works as an activation symbol.

3 thoughts on “Sliding Consciousness

  1. TED talks Dr jill Bolte Taylor

    Aloha, Elvrine Chow

  2. Never had that happen Deb but real interesting! sounds like your going between dimensions? I would be interested also to find out more about this, keep us posted! Miss you M.

  3. I have realized that it is an ascension symptom. More energy, more pressure, more balancing of my brain. What a ride !

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