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Do It Yourself Sound Healing Session

Mandala, Merkaba Lights by
I AM One with the Divine Source that Created Me
I AM a Clear and Powerful BEACON of love and light.

It seems stress has become somewhat of an epidemic. Stress is the accumulation of distressful moments that collect within the body, mind and emotions. Sometimes the outer world can be so distracting that you overlook your inner world as a place of refuge. Luckily there is a simple way to reconnect to your personal inner peace. You only need to remember your essence as a vibrational being.

Every atom of your being is moving and vibrating at its unique rate. When you feel out of sorts or out of tune with yourself, it is because vibrations in various parts of your being are moving in incongruous patterns rather than harmonious pulsations. Much like an orchestra, your body, mind, spirit, and emotions are all different instruments playing their notes. With practice, the orchestra plays in harmony and is experienced as one coherent piece of beautiful music. Without practice, the instruments continue to play, each in their own way, banging and clashing in what is experienced as systemic, chronic stress.

You can bring your aspects into resonance by using the vibrations of sound. The study of vibroacoustics notes two important concepts — entrainment and laminar flow. Entrainment demonstrates that a dominating frequency will cause surrounding bodies to match the vibration of the dominant frequency. This means that harmony, or synchronized pulses, happen as a response to a dominant pulse. Laminar flow is the outcome of entrainment and refers to all the layers coming into harmony with each other. Much like any laminated building material, different levels of energy lay neatly next to each other, moving as a wave in unison with the whole.

As vibrational beings we can use sound to alter our vibration, slow down and re-harmonize ourselves. We can dissolve our stress by using the vibrations and harmonies that are found in beautiful music. Sound is very powerful indeed.

For your do-it-yourself sound healing session you will need three things — intention, music and a quiet place. Each step is equally important. To reap the most benefit from your session please read through all the steps before you begin.

1. Intention. Take a moment to write down your intention. Simply quiet your mind and ask yourself, “What would make me feel better?” You know what it is. Usually it has something to do with taking care of yourself and/or feeling worthy. Some simple intentions could be I am relaxed or I am truly loved. One of my favorites is I am balanced. Any positive “I am” statement will work wonderfully. Write it down and say it out loud at least three times to set your intention. Taking the time to write it down and speak it out loud sends a clear vibration out for your intention to manifest.

2. Music. We are vibrational beings affected by the sound vibrations around us. Music with 60-100 beats per minute is known to reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, decrease muscle tension and reduce stress hormones. To dissolve stress and slow down your frenzied body to a more comfortable zone of relaxation, choose music that is calming.

In choosing your music it’s helpful to be aware of what types of instruments will have the most effect on various parts of your body. Drums, didgeridoos and percussion instruments will open and balance the energies below the waist. This type of music is very grounding, puts you into your body in a very physical way and is good for when you are feeling scattered and need to re-establish a strong direction for yourself.

Cellos, violins, piano and the human voice work with the heart and solar plexus. If you are experiencing personal power issues, grief, loss or a feeling of emptiness, these instruments can bring you to tears and help release pain and heal old wounds. Let go and let it out; only when you are willing to feel what you are holding can you release the stress and tension. What we feel we can heal.

Singing bowls, bells, and high angelic voices work on the upper energy centers of the throat, third eye and crown. If you have a headache, neck tension or throat issues, music created with these instruments will support the clearing of these areas and peacefully put you in touch the higher qualities of your divine self.

Before choosing your music, check in with your body and be aware of where you carry most of your tension so you will know which music to choose. Music affects your emotional body first. When you hear it, notice, “How does this make me feel?” and use this information in your future music choices. Music that I have found especially effective for relaxing includes Hilary Stagg, “The Edge of Forever”; Robin Miller, “In the Company of Angels; Keiko Matsui, “The Piano”; Jonathan Goldman, “Chakra Chants”; Raphael, “Music to Disappear In”; Sophia, “Return”.

3. Quiet Space. Find an undisturbed, uncluttered space where you can recline. You will need at least 20 minutes; an hour is ideal. You may want to pull the shades. Definitely turn off all electronic devices and remove them, if possible, from your quiet space. Before reclining, put a note on the door, something like, “Do not disturb unless your hair is on fire”! Now set up your music and have your intention in hand. Recline into a comfortable spot and take your time to adjust yourself until your body says “yes.” If you feel fidgety at first, don’t worry; as you take each step, your body and mind will slow down, allowing you to relax and heal.

Read your intention out loud three times. Say it like you mean it and turn your music on. As you listen to the music, allow it to carry you along as you silently repeat your intention several times — I am relaxing, I am relaxed — bringing your mind and body to work together. Focus on your intention, not the music. It takes 8-10 minutes to move into surrender mode as your body and mind entrain to the music’s tempo.

Most people find it helpful to cover their eyes. If you don’t have an eye pillow, a hand towel works well. You can also use headphones to enhance your experience. Use anything that increases your bodily comfort so you can let go and let the music carry you into a deep state of peace. As we raise and synchronize our own frequencies we set off vibrational changes in others. Enjoy your experience.

Deb Barrett is a vibroacoustic specialist, energy artist and Reiki master. She has been working with the DreamWeaver, a sound and sacred geometry healing temple, since 1995 and recently opened a new sound healing studio called Sound Therapeutics in Duxbury, MA. Visit or

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