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Foster Understanding with Valentine Eye Heart Charms

Necklace and matching earings with Eye Heart ImageFor a Happy Valentines Day     Choose this image  to foster deeper insight  and understanding of your loved one.  Say, I see you with my heart, with this powerful symbol.

Valentine Eye Symbol and it’s Meaning.    

At first glance we see a heart within a heart equal to our outer world and our inner world.  The red/orange heart beats with vibrant intensity.  Love is real, alive and engaged in life.

The black background is ladened with endless potential.  The blue of truth floats by and supports the heart.  This heart is awake and knows.  This heart holds one or our 3 brains.  To succeed we must use them all but most of all this one.

The Heart Knows, the Heart Sees.  Look into the Heart’s Eye and you will see your own love reflected back to you.

This giant symbol combines inner wisdom and single focus in the realm of the Heart.  Here all the focus and love come together to foster understanding and a deep insight between people.  Love your special one, and love them all.

Valentine gifts for your loved one
Matching earrings too.
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