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I thought “” was symbolical “dream speak,”

I’d like to share an amazing story.  With all of my faith in Spirit I still did not expect this.  Amazing!!

Dear Ms. Barrett,

I thought I would write to share with you how I came upon your blog site.  Last Thursday night, I had a dream.  In my dream, I was telling a young woman with wavy, shoulder-length red hair to consult to a webpage called “” for additional support with her “work.”  The woman was working on listening to her inner resource for guidance, particularly concerning a writing project. I do not recognize the woman, nor do I know anyone working on a writing project.  In addition, I had not heard of your (prior) site, nor did I know anything about its content.  
When I awoke, I thought “” was symbolical “dream speak,” but decided to satisfy my curiosity.  To my surprise, I found your site, with the redirection to “The Blessing Chair.”  After reading your posts, I came to the one entitled “Virtual Blessing Chair.”  This one speaks directly to the “work” I am doing at present in my life; that is, the work of manifesting desire into reality.  Meditation has become a daily practice for me over the past year, but I’ve been unclear on how exactly to use imagery in helping me to create a new reality.  I feel like my creativity has been stifled for a while, so the idea of a canvas and brush is inviting.  I will be using your metaphor in my practice, and am excited to see how this helps to unlock my imagination, and, eventually open up a brighter tomorrow.  So, “Thank you!” for your inspiring words, and please keep sharing your insights.
Hi Christie

How wonderful and how amazing how Spirit works.  This is what it’s all about for me.  Moving into 5th dimensional reality requires us to use the top of our brain, you know where your halo is.
I am so pleased that you took the time to write.  Thank you so much.  We really are all one.
Would you mind if I shared your story?
thanks again
I don’t mind at all. Perhaps others will be encouraged to trust their intuition. It’s magical.

Thank  you so much Christie for sharing your dream.  I have to say I feel very validated from the inside out.  I am so blessed.