The Self Loving Prophecy

Dear ‘Being’ in Distress,  VHeartUP

I have no idea if this will help you or not, that is up to you. I do feel inspired to share it with you. Do know that once you read this through, you will be effected by the POWER of the INTENT that it was created with. YOU will be part of the Self Loving Prophecy. 

Just before you lay your head upon the pillow, each night, READ this little Confirmation. Accept it as a gift. Sense yourself opening to receive the goodness and light that is your Birth Right.

If you will repeat this process for 21 days, you WILL see a significant change in your reality. Repetition is everything when reprogramming the mind and experiencing the MIRACULOUS OUTCOME !

READ NOW, with GUSTO !!!

I love you, I LOVE you, I love YOU. You ARE lovable. God does not make junk. YES, say it, I Dare you to say it OUT LOUD ! 

***  I AM Lovable and WORTHY of Love and ALL that I Desire. ***

I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE LOVE. Pure Love, Divine Love. Love that is beyond Human love.

I Open to Receive Love that has no attachments, expectations or longings.

I open to receive love from MYSELF. From me, to me, by me, with me and for me. For I AM a Divine Being of Light and my flame grows larger as I nurture and fan it from within.

I LOVE MYSELF ! “I love you   I love you   I love you.”  I am WORTHY , I AM ENOUGH, I am OPEN.



Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

See you again tomorrow night, as you’re about to turn out your light, Please PRINT this out and read it to yourself, this SELF LOVING PROPHECY that you are now a part of.

Good Night Dear One, I Love You

Deb Barrett signing off.


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