Relaxation Meditation Education

CLASSES ARE NO LONGER BEING OFFERED AT THE BLESSING ROOM due to Covid.  Please check out our new offering, click TIME OUT

Our goal is to CREATE a welcoming space for RELAXATION, MEDITATION and EDUCATION.

Our INTENTION is to share Healing and Esoteric knowledge. This is a Semi-private experience with 3 participants and myself. 

This new space is also the home of our products, showcasing our hand made, one of a kind BLESSING BEADS as well as The Deck of I AM, Totes, Mugs and Pillows all featuring Deb Barrett ART.

MONDAY – SATURDAY 10am      Family / friend groups welcome. Choose your best day. 

White Light Meditation Circle   $40.  1 hr bring your journal.

Learn to Meditate with Deb Barrett   $60.  Free Journal and Pen included with your first class.  1 hr   

ACTIVATE your Inner Master Physician  $60.  1 hr  bring your Journal.


The BLESSING ROOM is located at 2016 Ocean St. in Marshfield, Ma. Suite #1

If you are familiar with Sound Therapeutics on the river in the back of the Cranberry Building, then you know right where we are, just come in the front door and The BLESSING ROOM will be the first door on your left. 

Classes will include:  Meditation, Running the Torus, Hands on Healing, Remote Healing, Light Language, Activate you Inner Master Physician, Journaling, The Platonic Solids, Mandalas, The Power of Intention, How to be OK with Death, Opening to the Living Light, The Deck of I AM, Mirror Work, etc.

The KNEELING CHAIRS may have caught your attention. Their purpose is to ALIGN YOUR SPINE, which is your ANTENNA. They also provide me, as your facilitator, easy access to both the back and front of your chest vault. This makes it easy to assist with Reiki and other various energy tools while you are meditating and opening to yourself.

If this is something you might be interested in, please send me a note or use the CONTACT FORM below. 

The SKY’S THE LIMIT and I AM OVER THE MOON !  Hope you can join me.

Blessings  deb

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