Thank you for finding your way here. I sense many people are in need of healing or a RAISE in VIBRATION.  I would like to offer you a means of deeply connecting with your own INNER HARMONY. All of your answers lie within.


In 1993 I learned second degree REIKI which is a method of channeling Universal Life Force, Chi or Prana.  2nd degree Reiki is when you learn to SEND ENERGY TO OTHERS. I found that when I sent energy, I would receive in return a moving image or visual of the person’s energy field in terms of symbols, color and Sacred Geometry.  For me it was as a permission slip to use more of my innate gifts. 


Today, I realized that although you may not need or want an Energy Portrait, many of you would like to RECEIVE A CLEARING, UPLIFTING, CALMING, CENTERING CURRENT OF ENERGY.  Something that will make you FEEL BETTER on many levels. Something that can not be controlled but CAN be DIRECTED.

In quantum physics we learn that EVERYTHING is connected. Time and Space are qualities of the Earth plane, but not of the Inner, Spiritual planes. This is how the STRONG INTENTION for healing can be directed to you, no matter where or when you might be in need, the ENERGY will instantly reach you.  

REIKI Energy Transfer
Symbolic image of  REIKI Energy Absent Healing at Sound Therapeutics, Marshfield, Ma.

Before our Absent Healing time together, please read: CREATE YOUR VIRTUAL BLESSING CHAIR.   If at all possible, follow the suggestions to ‘set yourself up’ for and get the most from our energetic time together.

Disclaimer:  Though I do not consider a Reiki Healing session a reading. I will offer you my impression of what’s going on in terms of Sacred Geometry, Color and Symbols.

Medical Disclaimer: This session is for Energy Healing only, if you have a physical or mental issue please contact your medical provider.  


BOOK your Absent Healing Session with Deb Barrett.  Thank you for considering working with us.


  • 30 minute ACHIEVER 
  • 20 minute RESTORE / REFRESH 
  • 60 minute REWIRE with Music


  • Each Absent Healing Session is individually done by Deb in her sacred space. We will communicate by e-mail to set up your time and to glean some personal information to tailor your session to your specific needs.  Expect to be transported into a world of possibility. Thank you for considering working with us. 

Feel free to fill in the contact form below. You may want to add more information about your situation. Your information is always treated with integrity for your privacy. This is not necessary for you to receive the benefit of your Absent Reiki Healing.  Many Blessings, deb