Mandala Morning with DNA Activation

Light Body / DNA Activation Mandala Morning

Merkaba Lightbody Activated, Higher-Self Engaged
Merkaba Lightbody Activated, Higher-Self Engaged

 Find out what your LIGHT BODY is and why it is important.

We will be activating our highest DNA potential with specific DNA Activation music while we RELAX and enjoy COLORING a MERKABA Mandala. You will bring home your Mandala to use as an “Open Eye” meditation piece.  This is an experiential class, runs 2 1/2 hrs @ $45.

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 7           TIME: 10:30 am – 1 pm

WHERE: 282 ST George St Duxbury,  Sound Therapeutics 

MATERIALS: Mandalas, Colored Pencils and DNA activation music will be provided. No artistic background is needed.  Feel free to bring your own colored pencils or markers if you desire.


If you are interested in joining us please contact me at or text deb at 781-588-0503.  

looking forward to Coloring with you, blessings from the Spectacular Blessing Chair.  deb

the blessing chair

ACTIVATE your FULL Potential !
ACTIVATE your FULL Potential !