WHITE LIGHT Meditation Circle

WHITE LIGHT Meditation Circle.  

This class is not available due to Covid. Please check out our new offering, click here  TIME OUT

The BLESSING ROOM  2016 Ocean St. Marshfield, Ma. Suite 1, next to Corner Cafe

DATES:    Monday, January 6, and Friday, January 10, 2020     Choose your best date

TIME:  10 – 11am     

Cost:  $40. 

Bring your JOURNAL and PEN to document your dialogue with the Divine.

INTENTION: Spirit would like small groups of like frequency to work together on the inner planes, so I am seeing how this falls into place. The new space is just what I had hoped. Grateful for your interest, we would love to have you join us. blessings deb

Choose your best day. 

MONDAY – SATURDAY 10am  Family / friend groups welcome. 

WHITE LIGHT Meditation Circle   $40   1 hr bring your journal.

Learn to Meditate with Deb Barrett   $60.  Free Journal and Pen included with your first class.  1 hr   

ACTIVATE your Inner Master Physician  $40. 1 hr  bring your Journal.

If Spirit has chosen us to work together, you will know it.  


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