The Blessing Chair STORE 2

Hello and thanks for your interest in our Blessing Chair STORE. Please VISIT to see what’s currently available.  

Healing Gifts and Blessing Beads by Deb Barrett. Hand made, hand designed for yourself, your Altar, your Home and your Sacred Space.  Add Positive Energy and Blessings to your life. FEEL the Charge, Feel the Change!  Enjoy.



On your Sacred Path Meditation Pillow


The Original Deck of I AM by Deb Barrett

WhiteRainbowYantraMug_mockup_Handle-on-Right_11oz Rainbow Sri Yantra Mug by deb barrett


Angel of Healing, Sacred Symbol Tote by deb barrett

Hamsa, I Am Protected, Deb Barrett Style Mug, Meditation, Protection, Symbols, Pyramid, All Knowing Eye, Hand of God, Safety, Good Luck
Rose Lace Angel Mug by deb barrett
Fire Angel Mug by deb barrett
At Ease Mug by deb barrett
Rainbow Sri Yantra Mug by deb barrett
Focus Mug by deb barrett, Sri Yantra, Black, Multi Color, Sacred Symbol, Intention, Manifestation, Meditation, Spirituality, Inspirational
Be the Light Mug by deb barrett
Love Life Mug by deb barrett
Green Goddess, Blessing Beads by deb barrett, Meditation, Prosperity, Reiki, Healing, Manifesting, Green, Peaceful, Balance, Medicine Beads
Focus your INTENT by deb Barrett
Find the FUN by deb barrett
Purple Dragon by deb barrett
Earth Angel Violet and White by deb barrett
SOLD White Dragonfly by deb barrett
Angel Fire Tote by deb barrett
Angel of HEALING Tote by deb barrett
Angel Wagon Tote by deb barrett
Yoga Tote by deb barrett
Sacred Path, Tree of Life, Meditation Pillow by deb barrett
Angel Fire, Reiki, Healing, Colorful Pillow by deb barrett