DreamWeaver Facts

Facts about the DreamWeaver by it’s creator Benedick Howard:

What is the DreamWeaver?
The DreamWeaver is a powerful spiritual healing temple that combines sacred geometry and music felt throughout the body as a musical massage. It consists of three essential elements the sacred geometric frame, the musical massage bed, and your intent. Sacred geometry, music, vibration. The blissful journey is quickened with your intent.

Can the DreamWeaver Relieve pain?
Often the result are nothing short of dramatic. Feedback from thousands of sessions has show that the response is not limited to only physical pain but also emotional and even addictive patterns. The reason for this is that sound and music has proved an effective remedy for pain. In the DreamWeaver it happens even faster and since all of the body is vibrated not only is the physical body effected but the mental and emotional and even the spiritual bodies.

What are the benefits?
On the physical body lowered muscle tension, reduced physical pain, decreased heart and breath rates plus the meridians and chakras are balanced.
On the mental body the hemispheres are balanced leading to heightened acuity, creativity and inner peace.
On the emotional body nerves are calmed, you feel nurtured and empowered with increased self esteem and renewed drive and passion for life.
On the spiritual body lucid dream states accompanied by beautiful colors and mandalas, out of body experiences, visitations from guides and masters and a feeling of being connected to source. Sometimes these experiences are prophetic.

Why have so many people reported benefiting in so many ways?
For millennia sound and has been recognized as having an effect on all levels of the body mind and spirit. The DreamWeaver is an the intense sonic environment when compared to listening to sound or music with the ears alone. And so has a deeper effect calming the mind and soothing the body.

How does the DreamWeaver work?
The DreamWeaver gently vibrates the body with musical notes and rhythms. The geometric frame wraps sound and energy in and around the mind, body and spirit. As you lie in the DreamWeaver you will enjoy music like you have never before!
The pulsing of the music resonates through the body to release stress-induced blockages. This quickly restores the body’s natural flow of energy, freeing it to return to its natural state of harmony and well being. The more you relax the more of the musical energy you absorb. It is like laying on the skin of a drum very gently feeling the music pulse through your body”. The pulsations creates patterns as illustrated below from Hans Jenny’s book “Cymatics”.

How does the DreamWeaver work as a healing tool?
We do not claim that the DreamWeaver is a healing tool or make any claims about healing. However, so many people have experienced and reported what would normally be termed “healing types of experiences” that we want to make this distinction. We do claim that the DreamWeaver is a stress management tool and people using the DreamWeaver have reported a wide range of benefits.

How often can I use it?
Most people can use it daily after some experimentation. Over the long term you will use it less and less because your body will hold the calming resonance of the DreamWeaver for longer and longer. After a few months most people report having far less chatter going on in their heads and enhanced clarity, creativity and well being.

What does music have to do with the DreamWeaver?
Everyone loves music! In the DreamWeaver you hear it, feel it and experience it! From the novice to the seasoned performer or musician you will appreciate music at a whole new level.

How can I FEEL the music?
Within the frame lies a musical massage bed which enables one to FEEL the music. The bed contains transducers originally developed for NASA and the USN, but in the DreamWeaver they are designed to vibrate the body with music. Also built into the bed are four amplifiers (two for the top speakers and two for the transducers). A 12 band equalizer can be adjusted to maximize your relaxation and listening pleasure. 

What is a DreamWeaver session?

A session is DreamWeaver experience divided into three separate components: the intake, the DreamWeaver experience and the out take. DreamWeaver sessions are focused on your intention and healing and performed by a trained DreamWeaver facilitator. Sessions vary in cost according to location and facilitator. They vary in time from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

What shall I wear for my session?
The DreamWeaver is designed to vibrate the body into resonance, not only physically but also energetically. So wear comfortable loose natural fiber clothing, remove any jewelry or any restraining clothing like a belt and shoes.

Who uses the DreamWeaver?
The DreamWeaver is used privately in the home or professionally in health and wellness centers, spas, gyms, corporations and social programs.

Is it suitable for children?
Yes! From infants to adolescents they will all benefit. An article written by Linda Stalvey (2001) and published in International Child Birth Educators Journal November 2001 shows how the DreamWeaver enhanced a group of women through pregnancy.

What types of music work best?
Any kind of music works. For the best result we have found that music with a strong rhythm and powerful melody and or lyrics work best. During the session a variety of musical compositions are used to assist you in your intent and to balance to body on all levels. Music with a strong rhythm create more movement in the surface of the bed than “calm” music.

How does the DreamWeaver facilitator chose the music?
Music selection is an art and depends largely on the taste and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state. Your trained facilitator uses a protocol that indicates the types music and the volumes and equalizer settings to be used. The DreamWeaver can be very effective even at very low volumes.

What does intent have to do with the DreamWeaver?
The third element of the DreamWeaver process is intent. Intent is the force which propels us toward our goals and, as Chopra reminds us, “intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.” The DreamWeaver is a powerful quantum environment using advanced particle and wave physics to resonate the human body. Science and religion have both shown the power of prayer and intent on our bodies and the effect on subatomic particles where an instantaneous resonance is created in systems not physically attached. The DreamWeaver sessions are designed to a protocol that amplifies the short and long term benefits of your DreamWeaver sessions by the use of intent.

What is Sacred Geometry?
Sacred geometry is the combination of the power of intent and the mathematical/cosmic organizational properties of geometry. The geometric frame used in the DreamWeaver is called a dodecahedron (doe-deka-hee-dron). It is a twelve-sided shape that balances the energy fields in and around the body. The dodecahedron is one of the five Platonic solids (Tetrahedron, Cube, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron). Each corresponds to one of the five elements: fire, earth, air, water and ether. The dodecahedron corresponds to the element ether, in Chinese it is called Chi or life force, in the Indian Sanskrit it is Prana. The dodecahedron was chosen for the DreamWeaver after several years of research by the inventor Benedick Howard because it balances the body much more completely than the other Platonic solids.

From an esoteric viewpoint sacred geometry is the organizing form through which consciousness and life evolves. Sacred sites around the planet were constructed to grid the planet and our consciousness. The pyramids were built to specific angles, and churches built to specific arches and orientation to the earth’s grid system. From the atomic to the galactic, matter is arranged in specific forms. In the mineral kingdom we find that minerals have different crystal patterns or different forms, in the plant kingdom and animal kingdom life is organized by similar crystalline patterns through the DNA. It is the ordering of vibration through specific mathematical patterns that resonates the crystalline nature of life.

There are five platonic solids which are the basic building blocks in sacred geometry and each has specific properties in different dimensions. They are the tetrahedron corresponding to fire, the cube or hexahedron to the earth, the octahedron (double pyramid) to air, icosahedron (20 triangular faces) to water and the dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces) to the ether. There are many other geometric forms that hold specific qualities within a universe, but none of them resonate so deeply as a building block to life as the dodecahedron. That’s why the ancients held this shape secret and why it was chosen for the DreamWeaver.

In numerology 5 is a number of change. The ratio between the side of the pentagon and the pentagram is the Golden Mean ratio of Phi or 1.61….which occurs in nature. The pentagonal faces of the dodecahedron collects energy that is moved through the connection points creating an environment of change and integration.

What is resonance?
Resonance takes on a whole new meaning within the DreamWeaver! Music has the proven ability to balance the body on all levels. It does this by bringing stressed areas in the body previously in dissonance into balance. The DreamWeaver effects the physical by resonating the physical tissues but it does not stop there! The brain waves are effected and the emotional body it complimented by the musical chords and progressions. As these systems balance and relax one’s being and presence are felt more and there is heightened spiritual awareness. A lazy man’s tool for enlightenment.

What is vibroacoustics?
Vibroacoustics is a term used in engineering for systems that are in a mechanical sonic vibrational environment. NASA uses vibroacoustics for their rocket simulators to create a sonic/vibrational feel to the cockpit as though during launch. Cymatics and vibroacoustics are in this sense interchangeable but Cymatics is preferred because of the studies showing how material move with sound waves creating patterns or mandalas.

What is cymatics?
The word comes from the Greek word for wave “Kyma“ meaning cymbal or vessel. The DreamWeaver is a cymatic environment because it is a vessel of sound that viscerally vibrates sound waves (music) into the body. Music has been studied extensively for the beneficial effects on the human body and plants. Within the DreamWeaver these effects are amplified exponentially. As the ancient Hindu scriptures stated: Nada Brahma, the world is Sound! Dr. Hans Jenny pioneered and deep appreciation of the effects of cymatics on non living substances.

What is the difference meditating inside the DreamWeaver compared to normally?
Long term experienced meditators report that 15 – 20 minutes in the DreamWeaver is equivalent to 60 – 75 minutes of normal meditation.

What’s this business about “enlightened states?” and “spiritual journeys?”
Enlightened states occur when the body, mind and emotions are in resonance to spirit. There are many academic studies show that a delta brain wave activity creates dream like states. That why we called it the DreamWeaver! The experience within the DreamWeaver becomes so relaxing and calming and similar to deep meditatin that yoou become aware of the inner whisperings and visions that go beyond thought or imagination, we call these “enlightened states” others call them similar to “near death experiences” or “out of body” it is these states that a new creativity blossoms within the DreamWeaver.

Who thought of such a thing!
The inventor Benedick Howard had been researching the use of sacred geometry on healing for a number of years. In dreams he was shown the DreamWeaver and from these he began to investigate how and why it worked so profoundly on so many levels of the body, mind and spirit.

thank you Ben

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