The Deck of I AM BOOK



The Deck of I AM BOOK includes 44 hand drawn images and I AM statements with strong affirmations created by Deb Barrett. The Deck of I AM Book is a perfect compliment for our Deck of I AM. Each product can also stand alone.

***When you purchase you Deck of I AM BOOK, you will be sent a Link and a Password to access your purchase.  

The Deck of I AM BOOK has 44 images and I AM statements, just like our original 2″x 3.5″ Deck of I AM. To use this book as a divination tool, simply choose a number between 1 and 44 each day. It is most insightful if you do not look at the ‘Table of Contents’ first. If you would like, you can choose 3 and repeat the one you do not feel completely aligned with, to say all day. Repeat, tomorrow!

Enjoy and thank you for your support. blessings  deb