Hello and Welcome to the Practitioner’s page.   

As a fellow practitioner, Energy Worker and Being of Light in service to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, I am happy to meet with you and share information. My personal study of the Human Spirit has taken me through many years of refining my beliefs around the FINE ART OF HEALING. So, if  you would like to come in for an hour and chat, just let me know. Please note: this is a discussion option and not a healing session, no time will be spent within the DreamWeaver Vibro-Acoustic Healing Temple. Many Blessings for a completely successful practice!   deb

Practitioner’s Hour – $90.

If you are an Energy Enthusiast and would like to join our group on Facebook, please come to and ask to be included.  We would love to see you there and share Energy Tips and Insights. You can also contact us.