Personal Energy Portraits

Personal Energy Portraits by Deb Barrett
Personal Energy Portraits by Deb Barrett

I’ve been coloring since childhood, and listening to the inner voice since then as well. This web site,, was created to share information about Spirit.  I do this through my Artwork and the power of Sound and Sacred Geometry.

I have been doing Reiki since 1989. When I learned to send Reiki energy to others I found that I would receive an image, a symbolic impression of the client at their very best.  This is how I began creating Personal Energy Portraits.  The Light Language images that I create are in complete resonance with the frequency of the subject.  Its great fun to realize that we all understand this inner language.

If you would like your own Energy Portrait you can schedule an appointment with me at Sound Therapeutics in Duxbury.  We will be together for about 90 min. while I sketch your energy field.  Your image will be a frame-able 8 x 10 keepsake created with colored pencils.

All Energy Portraits are $150.  If you do not live close to Duxbury, Ma. or would like to give an Energy Portrait as a gift, I can create the image through absencia. All I need is the person’s full name and date of birth.  

I will be putting up a link to pay in advance shortly or you can pay by PayPal or cash.



Copyright information:  All images created by Deb Barrett are Copy-written under ViewSpirit and  You are free to use your image for your private enjoyment.  If you intend to use your image as a Logo, on a Business Card or in advertising or other public manner, you may buy the copyright to your image for $900.  

Deb Barrett 

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