Let’s Talk about Grounding

Recently I posted this on Facebook.   2/22/2018

“Massive incoming Black Star, Earth Star energy below your feet. Open Crown, let energy flow down into the EARTH.” More explaination is needed, so here we go.


Twenty some years ago, when doing energy work, it was all about ‘Going out to Spirit’, getting what we needed and returning to form. It was very exciting work and the doors of perception were being cracked open. We were in Seeking and Discovery mode. 

Now, in 2018 the energy climate is much different. We have gone beyond the awakening that 2012 promised yet the full impact did not hit us until 2016-2017. In these years we were literally forced to take ourselves apart and learn to ‘Let Go’. Your degree of discomfort became your fuel for change, helping you to be willing to move into a new perspective. Now we find ourselves within the big SHIFT in Consciousness, the move from Fear to Love based reality.

From an Ascension perspective we are moving en-mass toward awakening. To actually do this in a physical way, means dropping Spirit or your Soul essence all the way down into your body.  This is not metaphoric here, this is what you are actually doing, bringing Divinity into form.

The Earth Star is an energy center that lies below your feet. I sense it about 12 inches below your feet but you may know it as 6 – 18 inches below.  Everyone is slightly different and the same. :)  

Visualize the Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Think about the axis running down it’s center, top to bottom. Sense the energy moving up and down this center axis. Now imagine that you are just like the Earth, you have an electro-magnetic field as well as a center axis, your spine.  Take a moment to imagine the energy pouring into the top of your head through a magnificent tube of light traveling down your spine and out of the bottoms of your feet.  

When your circulating energy is close to your body, it will come out of your tailbone and circulate up and around, coming back into the top of your head to begin the cycle again. This is very self restorative to run the ‘Torus’. This is always the first lesson at Sound Therapeutics so that you can easily manage your own energy.

In this case we are looking to engage the Black Star, Earth Star energy which connects us to a larger sphere of influence. We want to send our Life Force energy tube down into the Earth Star Chakra, thus connecting us to a far greater aspect of our being. We are now tapping into our complete connection to the planet and the Uni – verse through the physical matter/Matta/Mother of our planet Earth. 

So our journey into the greatness of ‘Who We REALLY Are’ has been brought home, first within ourselves and in the healing of our own bodies and eventually within the planet as we CONSCIOUSLY ANCHOR LIGHT INTO FORM. Through this process we will assist in raising the frequency of the planet in harmony with the higher octaves of reality. You may hear this referred to as ‘Heaven on Earth’.     

You can do it, it’s your contribution and an incredible gift to yourself. Take the time to BE WITH the Earth and all her stunning beauty. Breathe in her bounty and exhale your gratitude. Together we Rise.

Many blessings  deb