I Still Want to Know

WHEN I FIGURED OUT that this whole place is based on pain and suffering, it became my task to look for the point. Though Spirit advises me often, never to ask WHY.


As humans we tend to gravitate toward what is exciting, interesting, and often DISTRACTING. When we are continually distracted, we never HONOR what is happening. We never TRULY FEEL and EMBRACE the germ of the matter.

When we are hurt, alone, upset, unable to help ourselves, we are brittle and easily broken into shards.

Yes, you want to fix it. Yes, you want it ALL to be ‘all-right’ but without YOUR PARTICIPATION, there is no growth. When we stay in RESISTANCE, the body takes the hit and the lesson is missed. Comments like ‘it’s just a cold’ come to mind.

For our dear benefactors in Spirit, it becomes evident that we are unable to grasp our lessons without our ATTENTION on what matters. So, IN COMES PAIN. Usually mental first then it hits the emotional body and finally it lodges into our physical form as a PURE MIRROR of our base line belief system.

Now if your body is SCREAMING at you, you tend to listen. You may even sit down or ‘have to’ lie down and rest.    chakra-colors-frequencies

We, as our own teachers on the higher octaves, allow ourselves the OPPORTUNITY to grow beyond simple absence of suffering into a place of Ubuntu, or ‘I Am you, You are me’. In doing so we REMEMBER Unity Consciousness and the games continue.

Do remember that you have the ultimate choice of how you will read what you see in your world. You have the choice to ASK SPIRIT TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT THE LESSON IS. Just ASK and continue to ASK until you have a NEW Upwardly processed version of what you are experiencing.

I believe it comes down to ACCEPTANCE, Humility and the 3 big ones….TRUST….SURRENDER….ALLOW.

Have a beautiful evening, I can hear the flowers growing. And don’t forget, you have plenty of help. You were the bravest of your tribe that CHOSE to come here to have this MIND ALTERING experience.
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the elephant is the remover of obstacles 
May your obstacles be REMOVED.


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