‘Give a man a fish’ and Being Healed

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’


You’ve heard this Chinese Proverb. I’m using it here because it’s a great way to explain what goes on in the Sound Therapeutics healing process. 

I am a strong believer in HEALING. I am also quite experienced in the process of Healing, but when you come in for a ‘Healing’ with me it is important to note that my intent is not to heal you.  My INTENT is to teach you to BE HEALED.



When you come in, you will sit in the Blessing Chair and we will talk, all about you. I will ask you questions about stuff you’ve never thought about.  These questions let me into your world and your particular view of your world.  

Then the LESSONS begin.  You will learn to Center Yourself, Recirculate your excess energy, Rely on your Higher-Self, Know where you end and others begin, just to name a few.  


As we develop a rapport, new and varied Lessons will come to light. Within only 3 visits, you will have an entirely different way of communicating with yourself and your Inner Guidance and you will be well on your way to Applying these lessons on a regular basis.

I will share with you all that I know about BEING HEALED. Your energy is yours alone and you must be aware if you want to have access to your Personal Unique Qualities and Gifts.


Now it’s time to get on the table. Now that we have engaged your LEFT brain with all our deep understanding, you will have a time to BE HEALED. In this case you do NOTHING, or maybe just be a sponge. 

When you rise from your Sound Therapeutic rebalancing, you will feel quite different. Your right brain has been activated and engaged, your energies aligned and your mind cleared. Your body is deeply relaxed and restored. 

As you walk out the door you feel ‘Made New’ !  Normally in a great healing session, you would hope this would be the case.  And you go home feeling lifted and cleared. Thing is, it is now up to you to MAINTAIN this State of Wellness and possibly go even higher.

Sessions are book 2-4 weeks apart at first, to get you off to a strong start. Each session takes about 7 to 10 days to unravel. In this time you may want to journal, draw pictures, have a good cry, get your anger out, take several Epsom Salt baths or walk along the water’s edge.

HEALING is an ONGOING PROCESS.  Each day we accumulate more ‘energetic STUFF’.  As we learn to CLEAR our emotional body and attachments we begin to RADIATE LIGHT to others.  Sharing our gifts with ease and grace is what it’s all about. So Please, learn to heal yourself.  I would be honored to help you along your path. Many blessings  deb  theblessingchair.com  2016 Ocean St.,  Marshfield, MA. 



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