Adjust Your Dials


Take a moment, right now, to remember what you were thinking of the most yesterday. I’ll wait…………..what’s been on your mind?

Was it about someone you love? about how you’re going to make more money? or maybe concerns about your own health? or your future?

REMEMBER, it’s important !!

I know there are many of you who are very aware of our move to the next level of reality that is purportedly to happen sometime in 2012.  And 2012 is here!   Sooooooooooo, let’s remember and become aware of  where our thought, our energy is going.

( NOTE: 2012 is now 6 years ago ! )


copyright Deb Barrett 2010
Owls remind us of our ability to see, to be SEERS, to be aware.With AWARENESS we find that life is multi-dimensional, that viewing life from a single lens is very limiting at best.

With AWARENESS we find that life is multi-dimensional, that viewing life from a single lens is very limiting at best.

The eyes that we see ourselves with must move from the single,’ ego lens’, to the fully developed, ‘wisdom lens’.

The part of you that is beyond the effects of this physical reality,… the one that sees it ALL !!

Dials Energy Exercise  (Read the exercise through to the end, then try it.)

Put your two hands in the air in front of you.  

Close your eyes.   Imagine that you are holding onto 2 large dials, like on an old radio.

Left hand holds the ‘Old Way’ dial. That equates to doing things with tremendous effort and struggle.

Right hand holds the ‘ALL possibilities’ dial.

Most of us use the dial on the left, ‘Old Way’, to force things to happen in our lives through our own strength and will.  You may want to turn the volume down on this one. The dial on the right, the ‘ALL possibility’ dial,  is usually at low volume. We understand and have digested lots about ‘creating our own reality’ and ‘living our authentic life’. However, just understanding doesn’t make our life any easier or more fulfilling.

Close your eyes again, grab your dials, sense where your personal dials are set.  Are you influenced by a strict work ethic that forgoes ease and grace?  Or are you a polly-anna who thinks you can just think it and it will happen?

Which ever you are and anything in between please take the time to adjust your dials.  Actually turn your dials in the air in front of you to what you would prefer.  I know it feels silly but when we do something with our body it amplifies and internalizes the concept.

Check in before you open your eyes to see how changing your dials changes how you perceive life.  Simple, yes?  Awareness is the key. Enjoy your newly adjusted life radio station now that you are on a new frequency you will tune in to new ideas naturally and effortlessly.

PS  If you realize, become aware of, yourself reverting back to the old programming, go to a quiet place, close the door, close your eyes and adjust your dials.

ENJOY     Deb Barrett Energy Tips © 2010

Many blessings to you on your NEW RADIO STATION. Hope you enjoyed this exercise from the way back, it still works !  Sound Therapeutics    


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