Deb Barrett's artwork,

Dealing with Feelings of Sadness and Fear

I received this REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION and I want to share it with you.  A NEW PERSPECTIVE MAY HELP YOU TOO.

Deb Barrett's artwork,
Send Love, original image by Deb Barrett 1995

HOW do we deal with the feelings of sadness and fear when it makes us physically ill?

LIFE IS A KICK BUTT EXPERIENCE, no matter how you look at it. It is also, an amazing, really spiritual, really light FILLED, most synchronistic experience.

Think about having a foot in 2 worlds, there is no time to drag out the learning process any more.

Use your IMAGINATION. When you do, you are operating in 5th dimensional reality, a place where FLOW and LOVE are our natural state. The 3D effect of loss, suffering, lack, criticism, fear and self loathing, takes us back into the BOX, where we no longer fit.

Once the light has been turned on, IT’S YOUR CHOICE TO KEEP IT ON OR NOT. It is so important that you set your INTENTION EVERY DAY. State to the Creator that you are, that TODAY will be LIGHT filled. ……NOW go and get your wounded personality/ego self and give it a safe place to be.

Deb at White Cliffs, Plymouth, Ma.In the process of ascension, we are asked to LET GO of everything, and when we do ALL of our needs are met. ….Hope I’m not being too out of reach with this. You would not be reading this if you were not capable of this huge metamorphosis.

Just BE the best you can be from LOVE. Learn to love your EGO. Let your Highest Aspect drive the boat. Merry Christmas and Congratulations on a new level of Emotional Maturity. blessings deb

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