Custom Logos and Images

Would you like to have an image / logo created just for you?

Maybe for your web site, maybe to hang in your personal meditation space?

One of my favorite things to do, is to channel your intention into a visual. Creating logos and meditative images has been my passion for many years.  Each image is like a birth of the invisible into the visible.

Recent Example of Commissioned work:

Custom Sacred Art by Deb Barrett
Base drawing and final Custom image by Deb Barrett

Let me know what you are seeing and feeling and we’ll work from there.

Here’s the process:

  1. You and I communicate about the feeling you’re going for, what colors you’re seeing, and what design components are important to you.  What sense will you want to evoke?
  2. I create a base drawing based on what we have discussed, the energy around the project and the intention for the image.
  3. After your approval of the base drawing,  I enhance your image with the help of Spirit and the computer.
  4. You receive your image and use it to radiate positive energy into your space, your web presence and your life.

If this is something you would like to do, check out our terms below.

Cost and Easy Payment plan:   Total cost of custom image is $333.  Paid in three, $111. installments.  Additional $111. for multiple file package.

  1. $111.   Open creative dialogue.  Create base drawing.
  2. $111.   Approval of base drawing.
  3. $111.   Final file created and delivered electronically. This is a digital product only.
  4. Multiple Files on request.  $111. Your image as 5 additional files to include, high and low resolution files suitable for print and web applications in small, medium, and large formats.

We use PayPal for easy, quick and sure transactions.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  I can be reached at .

All images are Copyright Deb Barrett, meaning that I hold the copyright for your image. You have the right to use your image in all of your personal and business applications. Your image will be included in my archives as a possible image to be used in product production.  If you would like to own the copyright to your image, I can transfer it to you for $900.

Thank you for your interest in commissioned Positive Energy ART by Deb Barrett

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